Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Program – Consultivo Interactive Session at Jadavpur University


The session focussing on organisational safety culture and identification of unsafe behaviours. The partcipants got an insight into the differences between behaviour based safety & conventional safety.


knowledge session on Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) in the safety management course by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) was conducted by Consultivo on 26 November 2018 at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. This session on BBS is a pro-bono initiative by Consultivo with its team of highly experienced experts and thought leaders to promote safety awareness and socio-economic welfare & development across industries.

Dr Ruma Gomes, Business Manager – People & Community Services, Consultivo enlightened the participants on the importance of safe behaviour & culture. The session on BBS was designed & customised by Consultivo for the target participants to make them aware about Behaviour Based Safety & upgrade their knowledge in safety management.

During the session, the participants were engaged through several learning interventions & activities focussing on organisational safety culture and identification of unsafe behaviours. The participants got an insight into the differences between behaviour based safety & conventional safety along with ways on how to act safely in unsafe conditions. Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) is the approach focussing on the practice of inculcating, engaging, motivating, assisting, reinforcing and sustaining safe behaviours in the workplace.

Behaviour Based Safety - BBS session by Consultivo at jadavpur university

The concept of human psychology and behaviour modification techniques through engaging videos case studies was aimed to ignite knowledge & awareness among the partcipants. During this interactive behaviour based safety program, the participants also actively participated in an interesting balloon activity highlighting the value of life & safety.

The session was attended by eminent persons from the industry including Line Managers, Shift Engineers, Supervisors, Non-Safety Professionals working in Maintenance, Production, Design & Development, HR, Project etc.

The core objective of this safety management course by CII is to impart safety knowledge and awareness to improve workplace environment, secure human resource and create a sustainable culture.

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