skills and competence development

Skill and Competence

Skill and Competence – Developing your skills to deliver Human beings always go for a better self through learning and trying to develop new skills. Extending opportunities for training & developing skill and competence is also a way of combating employees leaving a company. CONSULTIVO BLOG T  raining is teaching, or developing in oneself or…

vision zero india

Vision Zero in India – A huge leap for mankind

One step towards Vision Zero – a huge leap for mankind CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  3 MINS READ Vision Zero is the idea of a world without occupational accidents & work-related diseases to achieve the goal of a comprehensive culture of prevention. It has emerged as the prevention strategy to achieve zero harm in industry.  …

consultivo internship program inclusive workplace

Growing & creating value in an inclusive workplace

How growing & creating value looks like in an inclusive workplace: Interning at Consultivo It’s a new experience each day, learning & sharing knowledge. I’m the part of the Consultivo communications team & it’s such a great feeling. And the best part is – I got the chance to be a contributor to the live…

Communications the emoji way

Communicating Language: The Emoji way!

Communicating in the universal language: The Emoji way! In this digital era where people spend most of their time on social media apps or using digital devices, communications have taken a giant leap forward. The use of emojis has completely changed how we used to converse online. CONSULTIVO BLOG F  rom signs, pictures, symbols, sounds…

Talent Gender Diversity

Talent first: Accelerating gender diversity

Talent first: Accelerating gender diversity, productivity, positivity & more CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  6 MINS READ A gender diversified team performs better as compared to single gender teams. The driving force to work efficiently comes from passion, persistence and commitment. These qualities are gender neutral.   D  iversity, a word synonymous with change and difference is…

pillion rider travel story

The Pillion Rider – Travel, Enthusiasm & More

Travel | In conversation with Dr. Kar: The Pillion Rider, Travel, Enthusiasm & more Dr. Hirak Kar recently launched book titled “The Pillion Rider” is a ruminative, thoroughly gripping and hilarious recollection of an adventure trip by him and his friend, Flight Lieutenant George Kuruvilla , forty-six years back. CONSULTIVO BLOG A  ll travel enthusiasts…

yoga and productivity

Boost your work productivity with Yoga

Boost your work productivity with yoga on International Yoga Day Daily Yoga exercises help to relax, calming the mind and release tension. It helps to make us more alert and aware to increase our concentration and focus. It benefited us good health, means increases energy level and more productivity. CONSULTIVO BLOG E  veryone of us…

corporate training

Corporate Training: Learning is best when we team it up with training

Corporate Training: Learning is best when we team it up with training Corporate training courses provide such a platform where employees can polish one’s spirit and develop a better future. Training that nurtures the alignment of individual competence with organisational business objectives. CONSULTIVO BLOG F  light delayed. Have to wait for an hour more in…

beat plastic pollution

Sustainability over everything – Beating plastic pollution

Sustainability over everything – Beating plastic pollution Use of alternative eco-friendly products like glass, grocery bags made of paper, eco friendly food packaging like corn starch cutlery, corrugated or paper boxes etc. can be a step to reduce plastic pollution. CONSULTIVO BLOG D  id you know plastic production has been growing at an average of…

WED initiative by Consultivo to beat plastic pollution

What to do with plastics: Beat Plastic Pollution

‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ with Consultivo this World Environment Day Plastic uses is like having a self-destruction weapon; so it is important to take some realistic actions as responsible citizens to minimise the use of plastic in our daily lives to create a plastic-free environment. CONSULTIVO BLOG P  lastic, the omnipresent synthetic polymer, has undoubtedly become…