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Changing Safety Culture through Technology Adoption

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In this Knowledge Report, an attempt has been made to highlight the importance of people in the management of safety at the workplace. Organisations may have commendable policies, procedures, plans and programmes but, it is the successful implementation of these ideas which really matters. Successful implementation is not possible without engaging and motivating the people at the workplace.

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The CII-Consultivo Knowledge Report on “Changing Safety Culture Through Technology Adoption” was launched at the ITC Sonar, Kolkata on 8 September 2016. (Explore The Event.)

Building a safe work culture through Safety Culture Development Program is the most potent way to develop a safe and healthy workplace in industries in the long run. However, the job is neither easy nor can it be done overnight. It requires meticulous planning and patient execution supported by a committed leadership.

This report argues that a shift toward the people issue alone can bring about the changes in the organisations making it more dynamic and responsive to the challenges of safety management.

A case study has been presented here with 12 large manufacturing companies of eastern India. An attempt has been made to assess the companies’ activities in three different areas of safety management – compliance to legal issues, compliance to system requirements and people related issues and Safety Culture Development. This has been examined against their overall safety performance to understand the relationships, if any, among these factors. The outcome of the analysis of data reveals some interesting facts.

Safety is for all. There’s no confidentiality in it. This is an initiative by Consultivo to spread awareness, motivation & specialised knowledge. Consultivo aims to empower people enabling loss prevention.

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