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Dr. Hirak Kar recently launched book titled “The Pillion Rider” is a ruminative,

thoroughly gripping and hilarious recollection of an adventure trip by him and his friend, Flight Lieutenant George Kuruvilla , forty-six years back.

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ll travel enthusiasts seek for heart pounding, adrenaline rushing adventure trips but only a few have the courage to chase their passion and find joy in the unpredictability of life. Brigadier Hirak Kar is one such person.

His recently launched book titled “The Pillion Rider” is a ruminative, thoroughly gripping and hilarious recollection of an adventure trip undertaken by him and his friend, Flight Lieutenant George Kuruvilla, forty-six years back. Come 15th July, Dr Kar would be completing 3 months of his book being published.

And, we at Consultivo extend our heartiest wishes to him for his latest book.

Let us know more about him!

Dr Kar, a mechanical engineer by profession and a doctorate in management, is a Senior Consultant at Consultivo, involved in social & sustainability audits & standards. His expertise in the corporate sector assists him in the analysis of problem areas and ascertain their root cause and in the implementation of different kinds of management systems.

He is involved in gap assessment and auditing based on trustea code and has conducted health & safety assessment, risk assessment, gap assessment, occupational health & safety audit and assessment.

A candid conversation with Dr Kar at Consultivo about his book - the Pillion Rider

A quick candid conversation on a busy day with the author in the Consultivo office (L-R) Medha Basu (Lead – Communications, Consultivo), Dr Hirak Kar (Senior Consultant, Consultivo), Sonam Gupta (Executive – Communications, Consultivo)

Congratulations on your latest book, Sir! We really loved the book. And, we would like to know what was the motivation behind writing “The Pillion Rider”?

Dr Kar: Firstly, I love travelling and I am fond of keeping a diary of my travel experiences since a very young age. So, I thought why not compile it in the form of a book – a travel memoir, may be. And, while writing that book I actually got to relive those memories once again.

Since you are such a travel enthusiast, how do you manage both work & travelling simultaneously?

Dr Kar: Well, the best part is that I get to travel a lot on work purpose itself. There, I make sure that I visit the places, meet the locals and interact with them. You know like, this February, I went to North Gujarat for a project under Consultivo sustainability assessment services. After completing my day’s work, I would go around and explore the places and enjoy my small outings. (Read Dr Kar’s blog on Meeting Castor in North Gujarat)

That’s interesting. Doesn’t it take away the focus from your work? And, what tips would you like to give to the working professionals for balancing both work & life?

Dr Kar: Look, work is always primary but if you enjoy your work, it gets better and more enjoyable. One should take out time and explore different places, as well as these, give us more perspective on life itself and the world around us.

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Thank you so much, Sir! It was a delight to have you with us and get some insights.

Dr Kar: My pleasure! It’s wonderful having a conversation with young people like you.

Well, wouldn’t you want to be a part of his adventurous journey too?

The Pillion Rider would definitely take you to places you haven’t experienced before and leave an enriching impact on you.

You can avail the book from Amazon both in kindle & paperback edition:

The Pillion Rider by Hirak Kar

The Pillion Rider by Dr Hirak Kar

Some excerpts from The Pillion Rider

“The music was excellent and the lights dim with bright strobe lights coming on from time to time”. These opening lines suggest Dr Kar’s unique style of gripping his audience with his lively descriptions and lucid illustrations of a wedding party. His charming persona and humour holds your attention till the last page of his book.

At the heart of his novel is the notion that adventures are not just about fun and excitement but also about invaluable bonds that can bloom between individuals and give shape to a lasting friendship. His jovial travelogue is packed with life and pleasant surprises. What makes his book stand out are the beautiful cartoons to match his vivid writing style. He believes that India is a great country but the people who live here have a heart larger than life –

“This journey also opened my eyes to another aspect. It drove home the fact that India is a great country and its people far greater, and very very large- hearted. From Ali Bhai in Calcutta (now Kolkata), who manufactured the ‘easy rider’ stand for our motorbike for free, to the truck driver on the highway near Kalaikunda, on the last hundred miles of our return trip, who offered us a beedi and homemade sweets, to soothe our pain after a major accident with his truck and so many others: They remain imprinted in my mind .I cannot forget anyone.”

His recollection of the personal experiences in this unpredictable road trip with his beloved friend materialised his love for travelling and to this date, beside his other commitments, he continues to travel globally. Despite all his journeys, he considers this particular trip to be his greatest achievement because of the unending nostalgia and memorable youthful days this trip reminds him of.

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