Corporate Training: Learning is best when we team it up with training

Corporate training courses provide such a platform where employees can polish one’s spirit and develop a better future.

Training that nurtures the alignment of individual competence with organisational business objectives.

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light delayed. Have to wait for an hour more in the Kolkata airport, I lazily sent this message to my friend. Well, this was way back.

A mid-aged suit and tie man, just beside me was working on something on his laptop.

“So business trip?”, I asked him reluctantly after few minutes, trying to drop down my boredom.

“A learning trip rather”, he grinned. I found it totally hilarious to hear a forty plus man is still learning. Basically, he was a senior manager from Delhi who came to attend a four-day training program on “Effective Leadership”, as far as I can recall.

Now, that sounded incredible. The company itself was spending money on your trip for making you more knowledgeable!

“Is it the training or the trip which made you more happy?”, my curiosity asked him. With a sheepish smile, he accepted that initially, he thought of this as a holiday. After some hours of attending the course, he realised the importance of that whole workshop. It was not only for his personal development or even the enhancement of the company’s productivity, but it is such a basic necessity.

Necessity? I instantly picturised those long lectures, assignments and all such college days boredom which I had also gone through and thus made an awkward facial expression perhaps.

Noticing my uneasiness, he tried to magnify his views by telling me some of his real-life experiences and how his perspective changed after that course. Those stories were interesting yet irrelevant to me at that point of the moment.

Corporate Training - Team it up with business learning

‘Download completed’ – His laptop screen flashed.

“My friend, what I could have done many years back, I’m doing it now. You have years to go. You must not let up. All the best”, he smiled, waved his hands and then checked into the security zone. Oh, I still remember those lines.

“Is training really so important?” I wondered being clueless and then boarded the aeroplane to enjoyed my holiday.

Here now, almost five years after that random airport conversation, the word “training” sounds to me like an obvious part of the corporate world.

Incidentally, right now I am spearheading Consultivo Academy, such a professional forum which excels in designing the best possible learning experience for adult learners through its innovative ways.

Now I can completely relate to the need for mastery and belongingness. Now I can confidently recommend people to “Team it up with Training”.

Coming at such a point of time, I feel to share the three dimensions of the importance of corporate training in today’s working environment, which I grasped well only after getting involved with such corporate training courses:

Individual development

Corporate training courses provide such a platform to the employees where one can polish one’s spirit and develop a better future through the following ways:

Skill up-gradation

Training sessions smooth the way for further honing of the knowledge and skill. By facilitating employee learning, new skills and knowledge can be acquired and the existing ones can be enhanced or updated which ultimately enables people to further improve their proven strengths.

Career development and employability

Many times, we mix up employment and career. As a professional, we must develop ourselves in such a way that we acquire knowledge & skill to become more competent. As an individual, training serves as a step towards a better career by improving our ability to deliver.

Rewards & recognition

When an individual gets nominated by the organisation for a corporate training programme, that itself can be considered as a reward – a chance to improve the ability. Moreover, such training courses open the door for further recognition due to performance improvement. As we all know, such recognition to the employees inspires them to accomplish their task.

Employment security

Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest is even followed in the corporate world. A skilled and competent employee is always a blue-eyed person for any company. Thus an effective training enhances job security.

Improvement in performances

Generally, an effective corporate training provides a wide exposure to new areas of technology, concept, awareness, prowess and such are offered along with the correct procedure of the implementation in the participant’s area of activities. By this, training facilitates the basic practice and thus helps in better performance.

Collective learning

Knowledge sharing with others is definitely an effective way to advancement. Corporate training provides such a platform where anyone can question the ideas and then believe it and learn together.

Confidence and higher morale

Training courses boost up one’s creativity, thinking capability, innovation and gradually opens up new avenues to gather further knowledge. This ultimately develops self-assurance within the trainees.

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Benefit to the organisation

Training is a means which nurtures the alignment of individual competence with organisational business objectives. Let’s see how it happens:

A way of engagement, trust & empowerment

A motivated, energised and competent employee is always an asset to any organisation. It leads to high retention rate for the company since the employee finds that the company values him.

Improvement in productivity & efficiency

With the help of effective training, improvement in the quality of the organisation’s process, product and system are inevitable. Corporate training thus reduces the cost of poor quality and performance. Here, optimal utilisation of resources due to skill enhancement is maintained.

Increased workforce flexibility

Training increases the skill set of your workforce enabling it to engage in a wider range of tasks and responsibilities. Greater confidence and motivation leads staff to become less dependent on line management and supervision.

Improved customer satisfaction

If a business has engaged employees, satisfied customers will follow. Studies have shown that there is a direct link between satisfied employees and happy customers. So it makes good business sense to invest in effective training programs which facilitates & improves employee engagement & satisfaction.

Benefit to the society

Organisations are an integral part of a larger society. The society and a nation are built up with people. Skilled and competent people improve employability, contribute to the economic growth and hence, reduce unemployment and poverty. So organisations develop trained and skilled resources for their own purpose, indirectly it serves to the society and the nation too.

The workplace is continuously changing. To cope up with these changing scenarios and predict the future possibilities, such corporate training courses are designed. One may say that training basically provides the most effective direction.

Training acts as a motivator, energizer and stress reliever. It doesn’t allow the statement, “What I learnt long back, is now long gone”.

Corporate training is a change agent. It proposes the employees to come out of their daily routine work and think intensively on a specified topic.

Thus to survive, continuous learning seems to be inescapable; and learning is best when you “Team it up with Training”.

Consultivo Academy

Consultivo Academy provides training and capacity building services to organisations, industries and business entities in a whole range of management training to worker training. Training methods are unique and proven with interactions, participation, skill building methods and psychological interventions.

It nurtures and enriches people potentials through interactive & solutions oriented courses both in conventional and new age e-learning platforms.

Consultivo Academy training programs cover Safety, Sustainability, Environment & Energy, CSR, Management Systems, Organizational Development and Human Capital Development.

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