CSR Compendium 2021

Snapshots of selected CSR projects in India

ICC-Consultivo Knowledge Report

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ICC-Consultivo CSR Compendium Aug 2021

CSR Projects and Initiatives by Indian Companies are facilitating achievement of sustainable development goals by the nation.

The pandemic has affected company profitability all across the globe and has automatically caused huge impact on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget. Notably, India’s CSR expenditure declined considerably from INR 18,655 crore in FY 19 to INR 17,885 crore in FY 20. Nevertheless, Indian corporates have engaged in a number of CSR initiatives and projects in response to the need of the situation which are really commendable.

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The ICC-Consultivo Knowledge Report on CSR Compendium 2021 was launched at the ‘ICC CSR connect’ on 31 August 2021.

Corporations worldwide are going through drastic turmoil and changes. In India, social responsibility spending for companies is not going to be the same with the recent amendments to CSR rules, the increasing difficulty in managing Covid 19 waves and the reduced corporate performance due to the pandemic.

The top three thematic areas are education, health and rural development which receiving maximum funding.

Companies with CSR initiatives in India are trying to strike a balance between emerging health care requirements due to pandemics and the long term social focus areas that create social impact through CSR.

Consultivo is pleased to partner with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for the “CSR Connect” – A Virtual Exposition for Social Sector Organisations to showcase their Projects.

This compendium brings together 16 representative CSR projects, initiatives and case studies taken by companies and civil society organisations (CSO) in India. The case studies presented in the compendium are aimed to create awareness of the successful implementation of CSR practices.

Find more on the Report Launch session for CSR Compendium

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