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Design Thinking Process and Change Management Knowledge Report

This knowledge paper on ‘Design Thinking Enabling Change Management’ brings light on the process of design thinking and its application in change management. The pitch of this paper is understanding the users & target group – their psychology, behaviour, aspirations, challenges, beliefs and values. 

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The Consultivo-ISTD Knowledge Paper on Design Thinking Enabling Change Management was launched at ISTD 5th Eastern India Regional Conference on 10 January 2020. (Explore the event.)

Design Thinking and Change Management are among the many path-breaking areas that the workforce in today’s digital transformation area can be empowered by.

This Knowledge Paper by Consultivo & Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD) focuses on the application – how Design Thinking can enable change management. The theme of ISTD’s 5th Eastern Regional Conference is “Empowering the workforce in the digital transformation era”.

Design today is user-oriented and design thinking revolves around observing and developing empathy with the target user. As any change introduced in an organisation will affect all the people in the organisation, the change needs to be designed keeping the people in mind. Therefore design thinking principles find its application on many problem-solving methods like managing change effectively, etc.

Viable solutions that cater to human-centred problems are devised creatively with the end-users in mind. It’s a human-centred problem-solving approach and helps in effective change management through principles like collaborative teamwork, embracing experimentation and learning by doing.

This paper comes along with a hope that the industry would integrate more of design thinking in the process, product, service & system

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