Fire Load Density Assessment

We partnered with a 750 MW Coal Based Thermal Power Plant in India to assess the Fire Load Density for the Power House.

Fire Safety Consulting Project: Fire Load Density Assessment for a 750 MW Thermal Power Plant Power House to Manage Fire Risk

The scope of the fire load assessment includes review and study of the existing facilities in turbo generator control rooms 1, 2 & 3, Turbo generator floor and area, MCC panel room, Drive unit, Cable cellar, MOT area, Hydrogen injection room and Oil purifier room.


Industry: Power Generation – Coal Based Thermal Power Plant

The detail report with fire load calculations, hazard situations and suggested recommendations helped officials use that data to target and plan their mitigation programs more effectively.

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Problem Statement

The organisation was using prescriptive standards of fire prevention system in accordance with the national standards & statutory requirements. In order to transform their fire prevention and mitigation system from prescriptive to performance-based risk management strategy, the power plant needed a detailed study of their existing fire load density.

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The Solution

To do this, studied the powerhouse process & inventory, and came out with Fire Load Density details with the help of Consultivo Fire Map.

  1. Detail study of the existing system including governance, assets & processes
  2. Preparation/customisation of data input checklist
  3. On-site visit, survey, study and review of the present system
  4. Interview with people
  5. Data Collection
  6. Data analysis & interpretation
  7. Data Visualisation – Presentation of the report with detail recommendations

Reference statutes, codes, standards and guidelines used for this project:

  • The factories Act and State Rules
  • National Building Code NBC 2016
  • NFPA Standards like NFPA 551, NFPA 557, NFPA 704
  • Other relevant national and international standards

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Tool used: Consultivo FireMap

A Fire Risk Management Tool to manage fire & life safety in all kinds of industrial establishments like process plant, manufacturing units, construction sites, commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls etc.

It maps & tracks the points of concern through the following modes:

  1. Management commitment & leadership
  2. Fire load calculation
  3. Fire risk assessment as per international standards like NFPA 551, Indian National Building Code NBC
  4. Fire audit (adequate working & capability, effectiveness) including checking adequacy & effectiveness of the equipment & legal compliance
  5. Fire safety knowledge, awareness, training and attitude

Consultivo fire experts visit the site, assess & captures the data for risk-quantification.

Fire Safety Training Course Online Onsite

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Fire Load Density Calculation - Consultivo blog

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