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Trees are a crucial part of our ecosystem; without trees, we cannot surviving a minute on Earth.

Modern technologies have come up with resourceful idea of “Green Living” through which we can create a cleaner and greener earth.

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hat we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another” – Mahatma Gandhi.

This world might not get hit by an asteroid any time soon or it may not perish due to another world war but what might gradually bring an end to our earth is the increasing pollution.

Moreover, deforestation is taking place on a broader scale all around the world to meet our comfortable and luxurious standards of living.

According to WWF, we are losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually. It is even estimated that 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are the result of deforestation.

Many species have become endangered from the face of this pollution afflicted world, and in no time we will be left with only artificial food to eat and filthy air to breathe.

Trees are a crucial part of our ecosystem because they play a vital role in the carbon cycle. Without trees, we cannot think of surviving a minute on Earth. Fortunately, modern technologies have come up with resourceful ways through which we can create a cleaner and greener earth. By adopting the idea of “Green Living” we can be one step closer to a healthier and economical lifestyle.


But if we do not consider ourselves accountable for our actions, the idea of the green living will just remain as a concept and will never become a reality. There is a lot we can do to adopt healthy habits and protect our planet from crumbling under a load of toxic contamination.

It’s time to adopt a new lifestyle and give back to the earth for a sustainable living! Here are a few easiest daily-life activities we can incorporate to go green and act responsibly:


  • Using recycled products can contribute towards the protection of wildlife and its habitats; From recycling paper to even mobile phones, even a small step taken by every individual can go a long way in preserving wildlife.
  • Know your product and avoid buying those made from animal parts
  • You can also contribute by being a part of any fund-raising event or animal welfare organisation in your locality


Good News: China’s Giant Pandas re-populated. About two-thirds are now protected! (Reference: UN Environment)

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  • Use paper saving techniques when printing, such as using both sides of the paper while printing.
  • At home, avoid using paper plates, napkins or even paper towels etc; Use alternatives such as cloth napkins, rags or plates which are washable
  • Use reusable containers or bags for shopping and buying food which can save both paper as well as money; Even using reusable coffee filters for our daily coffee can save paper
  • Pile up the one-sided printed papers together & make a notebook for rough-work with it; Even old discarded newspapers can be recycled and used effectively for various decorations
  • ‘Always ask for the bill’ – yes, that’s our fundamental right. The better it gets when we opt for an eBill whenever possible.


  • Switching off lights and fans when not required, closing taps etc are some of the basic ways by which we can start contributing to responsible living
  • Replace traditional lights with energy efficient LED or CFL ones that use 25-80% less electricity; Smart power strips can also shut down energy consuming devices that are not required
  • Close taps when brushing or shaving; Make sure there are no leaks
  • Install low water consuming shower heads or low flush toilets; Take quick showers
  • Use a pan of water or a filled sink instead of running tap water to wash vegetables


  • Be it any festival, make sure to celebrate it without effecting the environment; Use energy-efficient lighting; Reduce use of crackers; Use organic colours instead of chemical ones
  • Avoid immersion of idols in water bodies; Using the reduced amount of water or using the same idol for the following years can be good alternatives


  • Walk to the place of destination if it is not too far as this can benefit both the environment as well as one’s health
  • Availing public transport, biking, carpooling with colleagues or family, etc can reduce fuel emissions and hence pollution


  • Organic waste (anything which is not made from animals) from our daily foods, if allowed to decompose can be converted over time into rich nutrients
  • As a result, garbage is reduced, soils and plants are benefited and ultimately nature is preserved. So, instead of sending kitchen wastes to the garbage cans, start utilising them!


  • Sustainable living can only be achieved by spreading awareness; Begin with our friends and families; Educate them about the pros of living a green lifestyle; This in turn will inspire them to do the same
  • A small step taken by us may seem insignificant but when every individual starts contributing, that is when we can say half the job is done!


  • Actions such as pollution control, nature conservation and planting more trees will create a much more sustainable world for us
  • Furnish your house and workspace with more indoor plants than artificial decorative materials. At Consultivo office, our army in green is our silent caretaker and it provides us with a cleaner and greener work environment!

Green pots at Consultivo

Say “Hello” to the army in green at Consultivo – our silent green caretakers at work who keep us protected & refreshed throughout the day with their magical healing spell.


  • Skip plastic water bottles and avoid plastic products as much possible. How about a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) cardboard container for storing water?
  • Taking a step further to tackle plastic pollution, the UK government in 2015 started charging plastic bags at 5 pence (5 p) each. This is all set to double from October 5th this year along with separate charges for coffee cups too!

WED initiative by Consultivo to beat plastic pollution

At Consultivo, we say NO to plastic bags. Instead, we have designed and been using our own eco-friendly tote bags (Read the blog to know more).

These are extremely easy but very effective standards of living and this is the reason why all far-sighted companies are incorporating green living in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. Numerous factors are driving this trend, including managerial altruism, cost-cutting techniques, and the emergence of a new generation of green consumers.

Green office or workplace is a lifestyle that involves using one’s own resources in order to reduce dependency on our limited natural resources and looking for ‘green’ alternatives for you and your family.

These can range from alternative diets, means of transportation or energy consumption to recycling products. It entails eco-friendly behaviour as a great way to contribute to Mother Nature.

Moreover, a green office is refreshing and promotes beneficial empathetic perspective towards all people around.

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