Stress Management and Changing Mindset at Workplace by Consultivo Academy & ICC


The training programme in an engaging & interesting way based on videos, self assessments, case studies & group activities. There was a self evaluation assessment for the participants to understand their level of stress.


one-day public training programme on Stress Management & Changing Mindset at Workplace, organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was conducted by Consultivo Academy on 10 August 2018. The main objective of the training programme was to provide the participants with the basic understanding of stress & its causes & symptoms, how it affects people mentally & physically, stress management tools & techniques, etc.

The training programme began with an ice-breaking session for the participants to be comfortable & at ease with each other. The training was attended by participants from eminent industries like MCPI Pvt. Ltd., Berger Paints India Ltd., Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL), Primarc Projects Pvt. Ltd., Harbanslal Malhotra & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Our lead trainers from ConsultivoAcademy conducted the training programme in an engaging & interesting way based on videos, self assessments, case studies & group activities. In between the training session, there was a self evaluation assessment for the participants to understand their level of stress. The trainers helped the participants to identify the causes of stress and to think out of the box and do away with their previous notions.

Stress management & changing mindset at workplace training by Consultivo Academy

This was followed by several case studies which were discussed by our trainers along with the participants’ thoughts & feedback on the same. It helped the participants to get a better understanding of the stressful situations and how to deal with them through effective stress management techniques.

The stress management training programme mainly aims for people well-being and to enable them to manage both time and stress in their daily life and be personally effective at their workplace. Various examples were also cited with a practical approach to identify the causes & symptoms of stress and how it affects a person’s mental & physical health.

The main highlight of the training programme was the Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) activity towards the end. An aroma oil diffuser was lighted and the participants were asked to close their eyes and relax for a few minutes. This relaxation activity rejuvenated the participants and made them feel fresh. It’s quite encouraging to receive positive feedback from the participants. They highly appreciated our training methodology (Explore more about Consultivo Training Methodology) and the entire training programme.

Group activity during the stress management training programme by Consultivo Academy

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