Safety audit by Consultivo in one of India’s largest retail stores


This safety audit was aimed to verify compliance to the regulatory requirements, assessment of the effectiveness of the existing safety system, identify the areas of improvement and check the systems & procedures.


onsultivo was delegated to conduct an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) audit on 6th-7th March 2018 in Ranchi, Jharkhand at one of the largest Indian retail stores that operate as a chain of hypermarkets. Our team of auditors, having years of expertise & experience, conducted the safety audit within the purview of electrical safety, fire safety & general safety in the retail store.

The establishment is a hub for commercial activities where lots of household materials & all other types of commodities starting from food staff/food grain, vegetables, fruits along with electrical/electronic articles, clothing, furnishing, furniture, utensils etc. are sold.

As lots of people visit this place and lots of activities are involved during festivals or seasonal activities, it increases the risks/hazards involved and in turn, the safety concern of so many lives, property & production. Some of the potential hazards which may trigger an emergency situation are electrical short circuit, electrical fire or situations like earthquake, bomb threat, etc.

The objective of this safety audit was to verify compliance to the regulatory requirements, assessment of the effectiveness of the existing safety system, identify the areas of improvement and check the conformity of systems & procedures with statutory requirements in force.

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Retail Industry Safety Audit

Our team of auditors visited the store and carried out the assessment based on the safety assessment protocol in accordance with the guidelines provided in ISO 14489:1998 (Code of practice on occupational health and safety audit) and National Building Code (NBC) with the emphasis on the existing safety management system & procedure, implementation of statutory Act & Rules, identification of potential hazards in the target area of the audit and preventive maintenance program

According to our auditors, the management was quite keen in managing the safety and health matter of all its stakeholders. A mock drill was performed by the employees of the retail store in the presence of the auditors.

However, there are certain improvement opportunities with appropriate measures in the organisation’s safety management, as observed during the audit. Further, necessary guidance & recommendations have been provided by our team of auditors for ensuring continual improvement towards safety management and compliance.

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