One step towards Vision Zero – a huge leap for mankind

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Vision Zero is the idea of a world without occupational accidents & work-related diseases to achieve the goal of a comprehensive culture of prevention. It has emerged as the prevention strategy to achieve zero harm in industry.


afety isn’t just a mere obligation but a conscientious responsibility. It is, in fact, of all, by all & for all. A world where everyone is safe and sound, no accidents, no fatalities & zero harm – is it too hard to imagine?

Probably, 340 million accidents at work happen worldwide every year and 2 million people die every year due to unsafe work conditions.

We must put a stop to it. But how?

The question is not whether industrial incidents can be minimised to a tolerable limit but whether we can free our workmen from the industrial incidents altogether.

In order to encourage and build a safe culture, Vision Zero has emerged as the prevention strategy endorsed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to achieve zero harm in industry. This transformational prevention approach of Vision Zero integrates the three dimensions of safety, health and well-being at all levels of work based on the 7 golden rules.

Why should we believe in Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is the idea of a world without occupational accidents & work-related diseases to achieve the goal of a comprehensive culture of prevention. This could be one small step for a person but definitely a giant leap for mankind. Here are 10 ways to ensure your Safety Leadership Journey towards Vision Zero.


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Striving for Vision Zero: How can we achieve it?

  • The foundation for ensuring Vision Zero begins with leadership. By taking charge and being committed to the goal would lead the way to Vision Zero. Apart from setting conventional safety management practices right, leadership includes influencing OHS behaviours and eventually, the organisational culture.
  • Accidents at work or occupational diseases are neither unavoidable nor determined by fate; they always have piled up reasons. By implementing the Vision Zero strategy at workplaces, these causes can be eliminated and accidents can be prevented.
  • Vision Zero cannot be achieved simply by traditional methods of corrective and preventive actions. But one must think out of the box and think of some innovative ideas to accomplish the goal.
  • A leader alone cannot achieve success without his people. A leader must bring all his employees on board which requires adequate awareness, communication and trust building exercise.
  • Most importantly, one must be committed towards the vision of a safety culture. Every life matters and our life & health are our assets. We all should be responsible and encourage the safety awareness movement. Consultivo as part of its safety initiative conducts Safety Leadership Quiz every year to bring more & more people to support the movement.

Let’s embrace the promise of vision zero for a safer & healthier today & tomorrow. Let’s lead the way forward in our safety excellence journey.

Have you prioritised the OHS measures in your organisation and analysed your safety performance?

Get the analysis of the recent study (published in August 2018) – where a group of large size industrial sectors were selected within the eastern part of India to find out the relationship between leadership & preventive safety culture from the knowledge report on Safety Leadership Towards Vision Zero.

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