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As Contractor Safety Management Consultant, we provide a comprehensive approach of CSM through a robust framework and models for success in managing contractors. Our Contractor safety or CSM Audits helps you in the measurement & monitoring of your system.

Our Contractor Safety Management (CSM) Program is designed to establish a process that will manage the risks related to the use of contractors.

CSMS helps an organisation to appreciate that Contract workers are a vulnerable population, and often they are performing higher risk jobs in worksites with limited resources, capability & control.

Customer specific methodologies

Through a process of partnership, we facilitate building client-specific methodologies and implementation tools to ensure contractors’ performance improvement.

Help you to manage risks through a complete Contractor Safety Management System

Our Contractor Safety Management (CSM) Program is designed to establish a process that will manage the risks related to the use of contractors.
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Solutions in Contractor Safety Management – CSM

Contractor Safety Management – Pre-qualification support

It allows you to have a competent and compliant pool of contractors to use as needed. It ensures an effective CSMS and you have the appropriate categorisation, qualifications, licenses, safety processes and appropriate level of insurance cover, review of contractual agreement – procurement contracts, pre-job tasks and risk assessment for the services you need.

Contractor Safety Management – Framework Development

Customised contractor management framework with processes, procedures, methodologies and checklists from pre-qualification to post evaluation helps you to manage contractor safety related risks efficiently.

Contractor Safety Management – Audit

Safety performance appraisal audit or CSM Audit (during and/or after the project) or a contractor safety audit helps you to evaluate the effectiveness of your CSM as well as benchmarking among contractors.

Contractor Safety Management – Capacity building and training

Capacity building, training and periodic interventions for contractors & their people are very critical to ensure the effectiveness of any CSMS.

As a Contractor Safety Management Consultant we have conducted an independent study, ‘Leadership Challenges in managing contractor induced risk at workplaces’, with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). This study on CSMS examines the impact of leadership on contractor management programs.

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Consultivo 5 step Contractor Safety Management System CSMS India

We work with 100+ Global Safety Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. Our extensive and decade long Safety Advisory experience helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

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Curiosity Zone – Contractor Safety Management (CSM) Solutions 

A comprehensive Contractor Management System or CSMS will ensure the following:

  • Protect people, environment & assets
  • Effective management with short-duration employees
  • Improve contractor performance as measured in assessments & audits
  • Improved safety performance metrics which improves marketability

As Contractor Safety Management Consultant we provide a comprehensive framework and risk based approach towards CSMS.

Our philosophy is embedded in years of experience in providing workplace health and safety consultancy services to some of the large organisations having high-risk potential.

We act primarily on behalf of our clients in providing them independent assurance and support that their contractors are compliant with their safety system requirements.

Our contractor safety model is primarily a 5 step framework. This Contractor Safety Management System is based on different national and international standards and good practices like National Safety Council – USA, HSE – UK, IFC, OISD etc.

It is also customised, tested and validated by our work experiences with several companies and locational units in the Indian subcontinent.

A CSM Audit or assessment is considered as part of the monitoring and evaluation of a CSMS.

We conduct different kinds of audits and assessment like

  • Pre-qualification CSM audit (evaluation)
  • PSM Audit for performance monitoring
  • Performance evaluation audit
  • Maturity level assessment
  • Any other customised audit, evaluation, study or assessment


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