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CSR Impact Assessment

Independent Impact Assessment for CSR & Development Projects by Consultivo

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Independent CSR Impact Assessment Consultant | Consultivo is one of the Independent Third Party Social Impact Consulting Firms in India. Use our decade long expertise in Social Impact Consultancy and Impact Assessment of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives or Impact Investment project life cycles.

Our CSR Impact Assessment Reports bring insights into your CSR or Development projects without bias.

We understand the community in terms of social, environmental and economical changes – working across 22+ states in India and projects on different thematic areas.

In India, as per Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules 2021, impact assessments of CSR projects are mandatory above a specified threshold. Get complied!

Consultivo has adopted global methodologies of Social Return on Investment evaluation and bench marked the unique process of quantified impact assessment with many Indian projects.

IFC (World Bank Group) Approved Independent Consultant

12+ years of experience in India and across the world

Completed Independent Impact Assessment | SROI | Monitoring and Evaluation of

125+ CSR Projects covering 22+ States in India

Our CSR Impact Assessment is aligned with SDG and GRI requirements.

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Social Impact Assessment or CSR Impact Assessment is a systematic evaluation process based on statistical data sampling, to measure. the effectiveness of CSR projects and know to what extent objectives are met.

CSR Impact or Social impact can be measured on multiple dimensions caused due to the implementation of CSR projects. These dimensions can include health, culture, heritage, lifestyle, quality of life, community impacts, and many others. For certain projects, impacts on people can be by far the most important consideration. Adverse social impacts can reduce the intended benefits of a proposal, and can threaten its viability if they are severe enough.

In our social impact consulting process, we use this approach to evaluate the impacts of a proposal/project on individuals and communities, and to mitigate the adverse effects and enhance the positive effects. It also provides a framework to manage social change.

The social impact of any development project or responsible investment changes with the life cycle of the project i.e  during pre-comissioning, commissioning, operation and closure.

Social Impact Consulting

Consultivo being a Social Impact Consulting Firms in India, provides complete range of customised services in the field of CSR Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment & Study and SROI Consulting.

Social Impact Assessment helps in:

  • Mapping of the stakeholders, their issues & concerns and the priority
  • Define the complete (potential) impact intensity. Thus, builds more confidence among the investor & the project proponent.
  • Taking corrective action & mitigating the negative social impacts, minimising the risks
  • Manages the stakeholders & draw engagement plan based on the same
  • Ensures successful implementation of the project by gaining the trust & confidence of the community & stakeholders

Social Impact Consulting

Consultivo is one of the leading social impact consultancy firms in India provides end-to-end solutions for Social Impact Assessment.

Social Impact Consulting Process

Generally, the steps for conducting Social Impact Assessment are:

Planning Stage – Social Impact Consulting

  • Identification of stakeholders’ groups and communities impacted by the project
  • Collection of baseline data covering key social issues of the impacted communities such as community history, indigenous communities, culture and key events that have shaped economic and social development, key industries presently and in the past (if relevant); pressures or vulnerabilities experienced by these industry sectors
  • Consideration of government legislation and policies that complement the mitigation measures for social impacts that are directly related to the project.

Execution stage- Social Impact Consulting

  • Gather information, including a description of how the communities of interest were engaged
  • Identify potential direct social impacts and prediction of the significance of any impacts and duration and extent of each impact.
  • List proposed mitigation measures
  • Describe the monitoring framework that informs stakeholders on the progress of implementing mitigation measures and overall project implementations.

Consultivo social impact consulting projects are customised to the customers’ need and purpose. The methods and steps also vary based on the requirements.

Social Impact Consulting

Social Impact Consultancy is a third-party independent service for defining the realised or potential impacts of a project or initiative. It is expected to be unbiased and in line with national & international codes, standards and guidelines. Generally, the scope of a third party Social Impact Consulting in India is applicable for

  1. CSR Projects and initiatives
  2. Impact investment projects
  3. Development projects

Social Impact Consulting Firms India

Consultivo being an independent third party Social Impact Consultant firm, provides sector specific solutions to measure and monitor tangible impacts.

Social Return on Investment or SROI is a method of accounting for value creation, primarily social or sustainable development value. SROI enables organisations to measure how much change is being created by tracking relevant social, environmental, and economic outcomes.

Consultivo being one of the independent third party Social Impact consultant firms in India, provides independent SROI Assessment and Social Impact Consulting In India and it’s neighbouring countries.

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Consultivo is an independent Sustainability Consulting firm, helping you to manage your evolving ESG and Sustainability Risks, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility requirements effectively.

Apart from CSR Consultancy activities, we offer full range of solutions in the areas of ESG Consulting, Corporate Sustainability Reporting, Social Survey, Environmental Consultancies, Ethical Supply Chain Management, Safety Consulting, Business and Human Rights Consulting through audit, advisory, research and training practices.

CSR & Social Impact Consulting Solutions to create socially inclusive & impactful CSR, Impact Investment & Development projects

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We work with 100+ Global Sustainability Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. CSR Consulting helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

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