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Independent Environmental Consultants

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ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems – As an Environmental Consulting Firm, we provide Remote (online) and Onsite Environmental Consulting support, Internal Auditing and Training.


Environmental Consultancy, as well as EHS ( Environment, Health & Safety) services, help you to identify the gaps to meet applicable legal requirements, industry good practices & mitigation measures.


Due Diligence Audit & Studies (Environmental, Health & Safety & Social) and ESG Consulting help you to identify the potential business risks related to funding, investments, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A)..


As one of the practicing Environmental Consultants in India, we provide Water Sustainability Management Solutions include detailed & objective (Instrumented and diagnostic) evaluation in different forms like Water Audit & Water Footprint..


Empowering you for Climate Actions through Carbon Footprint, Energy Audit and Energy Management System Implementation. 

We provide the framework to manage, monitor and improve continually.

Environmental Courses Online and Onsite from Consultivo Academy provide engaged learning specially designed for adult learners.

Environment, Energy & EHS Training Homepage

Get recognised for your organisation’s innovative & impactful Environmental initiative(s)

Apply to be a part of this coveted award – Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Environmental Excellence Award. Consultivo is the Knowledge and Award Process Partner.

Being a leading and independent Environmental Consultant, Consultivo has a solution

Industries are major users of natural resources and energy; and a major source of pollutants and waste. Thus they have become an important player in the global environmental challenges.

Prevention of Pollution: On the pollution front, emission of pollutants in the air, effluents in water, and soil contamination are three major environmental aspects for any industrial activities. The generation of waste in the forms of hazardous as well as non-hazardous also increases the pollution load to the mother earth.

Resource Management: On the resource front, industries are consuming natural resources like water, metals & minerals, plants & vegetation which causes depletion of natural resources.

Climate Risk and Energy Management: Managing the consumption of conventional energy is also very critical in terms of resource depletion, carbon footprint management and pollution. Balancing the right proportion of renewable and non-renewable energy sources has also been a serious challenge for us. Reducing the amount of energy and materials used per unit in the production of goods and services can contribute both to the easing of environmental stress, climate actions and to greater economic and industrial productivity and competitiveness.

Find more on Energy Audit and ManagementISO 50001 Certification Consultancy and ISO 50001 Training

Through our environmental consultancy, we advise clients to create and improve their Environmental Management strategies and help them to integrate with the overall sustainability & business strategy. Being an environmental consulting company, we help you to respond to investor engagement, increasing pressure to perform well in Environmental terms and Environmental rating agencies.

As an independent Environmental Consulting firm, we offer risk assessmentcompliance management and due diligence services for responsible and impact-oriented investors.

Our environmental consultancy team has rich experience in environmental protection, climate actions and sustainable development, especially IFC & World Bank EHS Guidelines, GRI Standards and ISO 14001.

Environmental stewardship being an important part of sustainable development is a key business driver for any firm.

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There are many ways to manage your environmental & energy related issues and risks. Though fundamental principles are the same, but every organisation must have a customised approach towards it. A generalised approach could be:

  • A strong and dynamic environment & energy strategy: Develop an approach to environmental sustainability that strengthens your core business
  • Alignment with business benefits: Actions that endure are those that produce the clearest business benefits
  • Well planned and practical execution: Convert ambitious goals into practical, actionable plans that get results
  • Alignment with multi-stakeholder world: Business must focus on material sustainable development issues those are well aligned with stakeholders’ requirements.
  • Disclosure, Transparency & Communications: Disclose the performance transparently to the stakeholders

In general, more efficient production processes, preventive strategies, cleaner technologies and procedures throughout the product lifecycle, for example, can be important mechanisms for reducing impacts on resource use and the environment. In practical terms, this means, in the first instance, identifying and promoting sustainable practices.

Role of Consultivo as one of the practicing Environmental Consultants in India

We help you to find the right blend of approaches you and support to manage your EHS risks | Environmental Consultancies

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Environment & Energy are considered to be very important elements of sustainability. Managing environmental & energy-related risks is very critical to any business. As an environmental consultant, we ensure that your strategy and operations don’t simply address environmental concerns but maximize the opportunities they present.

Risk Management by Consultivo Environmental Consultants in India

As one of the practising Environmental Consultants in India, we help you manage your EHS risks.

Our approach ensures that your organisation will produce positive and valuable results across a full spectrum of critical environmental & energy-related issues, from developing strategy and identifying risks to managing them effectively and ensuring compliance to national legal requirements.

Role of Independent Environmental Consultants in India

Globally Environmental Consultant Companies provide independent services and expert support to the organisations willing to improve their Environmental Management Systems.

The major roles of the Environmental Consultant Companies are:

  1. To provide independent Environmental Consultancy which is free from any commercial bias or conflict of interest
  2. To provide Environmental Consultancy with detailed subject expertise. Generally, the Environmental Consulting firms have access to SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with wide industrial experience and sectoral knowledge
  3. To support organizations to meet and exceed the Indian legal requirements as directed by EP Acts and Rules

Consultivo as an Environmental Consultant – Role in Merger, Acquisition, IPO, and JV

Non financial issues have become very important to transactions like Mergers, Acquisitions, IPOs, Joint Venture, and supply chain governance, Consultivo maintains a competent team of professionals dedicated to ESG related due diligence and transaction support services.

We review both the tangible and intangible ESG risks and liabilities associated with a transaction, as well as identifying ESG elements which will provide ongoing value post deal.

Consultivo provides complete range of transaction support due diligence services in India and around the world, that include:

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