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Incident investigation Consultancy Solutions

Incident investigation is a process to determine the cause or causes of an incident or series of incidents so as to prevent further incidents of a similar kind by using proper root cause analysis. It is also known as incident analysis.

The required skill in conducting effective incident investigation improves with experience. A good basic approach is to find out what caused the incident and what can be done to prevent or minimise the chances of a similar incident occurring in future.

Independent Investigation based on FMEA methodologies

Use of suitable & relevant root cause analysis and problem solving techniques like FMEA, Fishbone Diagram, Loss Causation Model

You get detail Recommendations with Action Plans

The incident investigation report contains root causes for the failure, recommendations, risk rating and action plans. With our rich expertise in the incident investigation methodology and strong knowledge archive, we provide customised solutions in the field of incident investigation through Audit and Assurance, Advisory and Consulting, Research and Study, Training and Capacity Building.

Solutions – How Consultivo can help

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On-Site Support
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Incident Investigation

  •  Detailed site visit
  • Determination of incident investigation & analysis method
  •  An appropriate method in isolation or combination will be selected from Loss Causation Model (LCM) and Fish Bone Diagram
  •  Incident investigation and analysis by Consultivo team members along with the core team of the client
  •  Video photography of the investigation process
  •  Identification of immediate, short term, medium term & long term action plans
  •  Preparation of the draft presentation by Consultivo team with the help of JST management and core team
  •  Alignment of the presentation with video film and animation
  • Submission of detailed report

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