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As one of the practicing sustainability consultants, Consultivo offers comprehensive social and sustainability consultancy support to organisations in meeting the growing risk management requirements.

Consultivo as a Sustainability Consulting Company offer full range solutions


Manage to ensure your Social Compliance & Social Accountability


Customised development of Standards, Codes & Guidelines


Ensure factual decision making through socio-economic surveys, social perception survey, demography mapping etc.


Strategise, monitoring, evaluate & get insights into your CSR projects & initiatives.

CSR Strategy & PolicyBaseline SurveyStakeholder Mapping & EngagementProject Monitoring & EvaluationCSR Impact AssessmentReporting & CommunicationsCapacity Building Programmes

Sustainability consulting solutions for your ESG risks related to projects & investments.

Stakeholder Mapping & EngagementProject Monitoring & EvaluationESG ReportingSEBI – BRSRCarbon FootprintSocial Impact ConsultingRehabilitation & ResettlementSocial ROICapacity Building Programmes
Ethical Supply Chain

Ensure compliance, through supply chain audit, implementation support & capacity development.

Sustainability Codes & StandardsCapacity Building Programmes
Communications, Reporting & Disclosure

Our sustainability consulting services support you to develop your Sustainability report, CSR report and other disclosures that matter.

GRI Based Sustainability ReportingESG ReportingSEBI BRSRCSR Reporting
Training & Capacity Building

Online and Onsite Courses: Use our Training and Capacity Building expertise in Sustainability, CSR, Social Responsibility, and Social Governance

POSH TrainingLabour Laws CourseSocial Accountability – SA 8000 Training Course



Concrete & Cement Industry and Sustainability Knowledge Report

Binding Growth Sustainably – Cement

This Knowledge Report will provide a holistic landscape for sustainability in the cement sector, emphasizing sustainable development through technological innovations…

Water Resource Sustainability Management Consulting

Blog – Water Resource Management

Leading the battle for sustainable water management: Actions for industries CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  4 MINS READ Water Crisis seek solution…

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Today, being sustainable is more than an environmental gesture or mere social compliance. It makes long-term economic sense. Sustainability is not a choice but a core requirement of any business.

Pragmatic solutions still matter.

Being a Sustainability Consulting company in India we offer a complete range of services in the ESG domain like Social responsibility, Environmental & Social Governance, Human Rights, Disclosures, and Communications; they are priority items for management and board.

Get recognised for your organisation’s innovative & inclusive CSR initiative(s)

Apply to be a part of this coveted award – Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Social Impact Award with Knowledge Partner Consultivo

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ICC Consultivo Social Impact National Award
ESG and Sustainability Consulting Company India

We work with 100+ Global Sustainability Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. Working in the field of Impact Consulting and Development Consultancy has helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Consulting Impact Development Consultancy Standards | CSR ESG

Curiosity Zone – Social & Sustainability Consultancy

Sustainability Consulting – Sustainability Consultancy – Sustainability Consultants – Impact Consulting – Development Consultancy

The sustainability consulting industry has grown steadily over last 10 years. Today, the management consulting majors have sustainability consultancy practice areas and there are many boutique firms with specializations in topic areas.

The profiles of the Sustainability Consultants are as diverse as risk management, reporting & compliance, materiality, stakeholder mapping and engagement, supply chain & logistics sustainability, environmental & social governance (ESG) etc. Work in the field can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Strategy and planning – Customised to the organisation w.r.t. their specific business risks
  • Technical support (safety, energy services, waste management & recycling, water resource & wastewater service)
  • Auditing, assurance & verification – Third-party review of sustainability data)
  • Communications and disclosure – demonstrating transparency and confidence through reporting

There is in fact, no ideal approach to sustainability. Though fundamental principles are the same, but every organisation must have a customised approach towards it. A generalised approach could be:

  • A strong and dynamic sustainability strategy: Develop an approach to sustainability that strengthens your core business
  • Alignment with business benefits: Actions that endure are those that produce the clearest business benefits
  • Well planned and practical execution: Convert ambitious goals into practical, actionable plans that get results
  • Alignment with multi-stakeholder world: Business must focus on material sustainable development issues those are well aligned with stakeholders’ requirements.

As one of the leading Sustainability Consulting Firms in India our sustainability consultants help you to define a custom built approach and strategy to manage your business risks.

Social and Sustainability risks have become very critical to any business. Pragmatic solutions still matter. That’s why we make sure that your strategy and operations don’t simply address sustainability concerns but maximize the opportunities they present.

As a sustainability consulting firm in India and a practicing sustainability consultant, we help you manage risks.

Our sustainability consultants ensure that your organisation will produce positive and valuable results across a full spectrum of critical sustainability issues, from developing strategy and identifying risks to managing them effectively and demonstrating transparency through disclosures and reports.

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