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Consultivo is a management advisory and consulting firm helping global businesses in the areas of Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management – both in strategic and operational level.

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Consultivo Innovation Framework

We follow a balanced approach of ‘Innovations’ and ‘Value Realised’

Our innovations @ work is focused towards SIX areas:

Product Innovation

  • Completely new products
  • New attributes, features in existing products

Market Innovation

  • New mix, price point or other market attributes
  • New market entry or enhancing penetration in existing market

Service Innovation

  • Actions that improve customer engagement, experience retention
  • Customer service offerings by channel, region, others

Operational Innovation

  • New process or technology to enhance current competencies
  • Rearrange non-core competencies for cost advantage

Business Innovation

  • Re-strategies business seeking new priorities
  • Expand core competencies through realignment or partnership

Regulatory Innovation

  • Exploit new business opportunities emerging from national, regional policy, regulations

We carefully nurture the following four factors those play a vital role in creating successful innovations of any form:

Innovation Culture

Right mindset of people in the organisation

Innovation Management

Right approach to manage the process of innovation

Inputs for Innovation

Right knowledge, resource inputs at the right time

Results of innovation

Tangible results that help in business growth

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new-to-market services


new-to-firm services/processes

Committed to a better tomorrow

  • Integrity Pledge
  • Vision Zero Pledge
  • UN Pledge
  • Carbon Footprint

Always innovating

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