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Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement Consultant

Consultivo helps private & public sector companies, trusts, foundations & implementation agencies in the areas of Stakeholder Management – Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder Engagement based on a systematic need assessment process.

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement is a systematic process to engage all the people who have an interest in the company & are affected by the activities of the organisation. 

Strategic engagement not only reduces the risks associated with the stakeholders but emerges as a confidence-building measure amongst the various interest groups.

Consultivo trained stakeholder mapping, need assessment, and stakeholder engagement consultants work in various industries and deal with different stakeholders & their issues.

How we do it?

  • Planning, designing, and conducting the survey – online, telephone, paper-based and in person
  • Reviewing the existing data sources
  • Conducting meetings with focused groups and one-on-one interviews with stakeholders engaged with the organisation
  • Assessing current level of engagement and satisfaction survey
  • Comprehensive report preparations

Our competent team of stakeholder engagement consultants customise solutions in line with your specific requirements.

Some of the standards and guidelines we use: ISO 26000, AA 1000 SES, GRI Standards & Guidelines



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Solutions – How Consultivo can help


Stakeholder Strategy , Mapping & Engagement

We take a structured & research based approach to establish your Stakeholder Strategy, Mapping, Materiality and Engagement Plan.


Monitoring of Stakeholder Engagement

Consultivo monitors and evaluation of your stakeholder engagement activities to check that the stakeholders are engaged as per the strategy & planning.


Capacity Building on Stakeholder Engagement

Consultivo provides trainings on various international requirements on engaging the stakeholders

How can we work together?

Consultivo trained stakeholder mapping, need assessment and engagement professionals work in various industries and deal with different stakeholders & their issues.

Since Consultivo works in the field of ESG Consulting, Responsible Project Investment & in various developmental projects, the team is adept in handling local community, related stakeholders & their issues.

Consultivo team can help you to create a conducive environment of trust thus facilitates the entire stakeholder engagement process.

Key benefits of engaging stakeholders

  • Helps in building trust between a company and its stakeholders
  • Improves visibility and reputation of a company through strategic stakeholder management
  • Helps to address the risk of affected stakeholders and to provide sustainable solutions
  • Alignment of resources to achieve a common goal by collaborating with stakeholders
  • Transparency with stakeholders helps to attract capital particularly for impact investors
CSR Consulting Solutions to create socially inclusive & impactful CSR, Impact Investment & Development projects

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Read a few of our stories as we partner in the CSR journey of different organisations as an impact consulting firm.

Power plant materiality assessment stakeholder engagement consulting project by Consultivo

Developing Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Stakeholder Engagement Project: Aligning stakeholder engagement strategy & sustainability fo a power generating company.

The thermal power plant faced conflicts within and outside its operations.  With a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders, harmony was key.

We helped them to
1. Navigating internal and external conflicts.
2. Boosting trust and confidence in stakeholders.
3. Retaining talent, reducing hiring costs.
4. Swiftly addressing complaints and grievances.
5. Enhancing the brand image in the community.

We played a pivotal role in ensuring stakeholders were well-informed about the company’s CSR initiatives for the community. Moreover, we highlighted the meaningful impact created in people’s lives.

Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

ISO 26000, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, AA 1000 SES Change (ToC), Good Industry Practices


Power and Utility

Odisha, India

20+ Major CSR Projects

Thematic Areas

Livelihood Promotion, Skills Development


Women Empowerment


Water and Sanitation

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Some more answers to your questions – FAQ

Stakeholders are persons or groups who are directly or indirectly affected by a project, as well as those who may have interests in a project and/or the ability to influence its outcome, either positively or negatively. 
Stakeholders may include employees, locally affected communities or individuals and their formal and informal representatives, investors, national or local government authorities, politicians, religious leaders, civil society organisations and groups with special interests, the academic community, or other businesses.
The “stake” that each of these different individuals or groups has in a project or investment will vary.
The AccountAbility 1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard defines stakeholders as “… those groups who affect and/or could be affected by an organisation’s activities, products or services and associated performance. This does not include all those who may have knowledge of or views about the organisation. 
Organisations will have many stakeholders, each with distinct types and levels of involvement, and often with diverse and sometimes conflicting interests and concerns.”

Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Mapping is a way to learn the perspectives of stakeholders, area they represent, and what interests and/or perspectives they bring to the project interest. 
It is the first step in the process of stakeholder engagement and starts with stakeholder identification – determining who your project stakeholders are, and their key groupings and sub-groupings. In fact, certain stakeholder groups might be pre-determined through regulatory requirements.
From this flows stakeholder analysis, a more in-depth look at stakeholder group interests, how they will be affected and to what degree, and what influence they could have on your project.
Stakeholder mapping provides the basis from which you can build your stakeholder engagement strategy.
An important point to note that not all stakeholders in a particular group or sub-group will necessarily share the same concerns or have unified opinions or priorities.
The process helps in the overall process of stakeholder management. Engaging these stakeholders in a way that not only reduces the risks associated with the stakeholders but is a confidence-building measure amongst the various stakeholders.
Stakeholder engagement is the process used by an organisation to engage relevant stakeholders for a purpose to achieve accepted outcomes. 
It is an umbrella term encompassing a range of activities and interactions over the life of a project. International Finance Corporation (IFC) has divided the stakeholder engagement process into the following eight components.
  • Stakeholder Identification and Analysis
  • Information Disclosure
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Negotiation and Partnerships
  • Grievance Management
  • Stakeholder Involvement in Project Monitoring
  • Reporting to Stakeholders
  • Management Functions
As one of the practicing Stakeholder Engagement Consultants, Consultivo provides advisory and support services to the corporate CSR departments and Foundations.
Consultivo is a full range social and sustainability service provider. As one of the practicing Stakeholder Engagement Consultants we provide complete solutions in the Stakeholder Management domain:
  1. Development of Stakeholder Management & Engagement Strategy: Providing guidance in setting the vision for future engagement while keeping in mind the past engagements if any
  2. Stakeholder Mapping: Defining criteria for identifying and prioritising stakeholders, and select engagement mechanisms
  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Support and guide the engagement process while remaining focused on priorities. Focus on long-term goals
  4. Setting the Action Plans: Identify opportunities from feedback and determine actions, revisit goals, and plan next steps for follow-up and future engagement

Consultivo supports companies globally on several research & survey related solutions like Employee Engagement SurveySafety Perception SurveyEmployee SurveyEngagement SurveyEmployee Satisfaction SurveyEmployee Well Being SurveySocial Survey and many more.

Materiality is the way of defining the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that matter most to your business and your stakeholders. 

Materiality assessment is aimed at engaging stakeholders to find out how important specific environmental, social and governance issues are to them. The insights gained can then be used to guide strategy and plan for meaningful stakeholder engagements related to ESG issues and risks.

Determining materiality in ESG includes considering economic, environmental, and social impacts that cross a threshold in affecting the ability of the affected community or climate. These material topics will often have a significant financial impact on an organisation in the near-term or long-term.

Materiality Assessment is a very critical factor in developing ESG Strategy, Policy, Goals and KPIs.

Consultivo being one of the Stakeholder Engagement Consultants provides ESG materiality Assessment solutions.

Read more on Materiality In ESG: Why It Matters For Your Business

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