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Construction Safety Audit helps to reduce the risk of hazards, injury & ill-health which poses a greater risk in Construction sites. Consultivo Construction Safety Auditors help you to identify the potential loss exposures and site hazards through a systematic assessment & verification process, backed by industry leading methodology, expertise & resources.

As a leading Construction Safety Consultant in India and an industry recognised independent audit body, Consultivo helps building and construction industry to manage their hazards and risks. We provide customised Construction Safety Management solutions which includes audit, consulting, survey and training.

Improve your system & allocate resources based on risk priority. Our construction safety audits provide recommendations suggesting suitable risk control and mitigation measures for improvement.

It's a Scored Assessment

You get a quantitative outcome of your safety performance and can compare multiple warehouses with this scored diagnosis tool. Warehouse safety audits identify gaps in current control measures with respect to national/international standards and legal requirements.

You'll get Risk Based Findings & Recommendations

Improve your system & allocate resources based on risk priority. Our audits provide recommendations suggesting suitable risk control and mitigation measures for improvement.

The Benefits of Construction Safety Audit protocol

Status Score

Unique Scored Assessment tool – to get a profile of the status and maturity level of your construction site OHS system. This will let you better allocate resources to improve safety and health standards at your workplace.


Provides a quantitative baseline to measure future improvements.


To compare how effective different workplaces are in managing their safety and health risks – an opportunity to benchmark performance among sites


Independent review of your OHS risks and controls in construction site(s) by experienced construction safety auditors


Compliance check against the legal requirement


Agenda for Actions – recommendations to close the gaps

Construction Safety Audit protocol

A Unique Scored Assessment tool for Construction Safety Audit

The protocol evaluates how effectively your OHS risks are identified and controls are being implemented in a construction site. It can be used for single or multiple sites to benchmark your systems.

What are the basic features of Construction Safety

  • Audit Protocol
  • Audit checklist
  • Scorecard
  • Recommendations
  • Management dashboard
  • Executive Summary
  • Action for Agenda

It is a scored assessment tool to evaluate the performance of a Construction safety system and is composed of the audit checklist and scorecard, which are used to evaluate the effectiveness and maturity level of the company’s occupational safety and health management system.

The construction safety audit checklist is derived from audit questionnaires from numerous codes and standards and provides auditors with the convenience of using this one checklist to fulfil the primary function of assessing the company’s OHS system, as well as to audit for regulatory compliance for construction worksites against relevant national acts & rules.

  • Consultivo maturity level protocol for Construction Safety

  • Applicable country specific legal requirements for Construction Industry like BoCW – The Building and Other Construction Workers Act 1996 & Central Rules 1998 in India

  • IS 14489 standard

  •  Relevant national and international standards applicable to construction Industry (like BIS standards in India)

  •  Good International Industry Practices (GIIP) for Construction Safety and practices followed in world class construction sites

  •  International Guidelines like ILO, World Bank General EHS Guidelines, OSHA etc.

1. Safety management system

  •  Leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, improvement

2. Legal requirements

3. Safety at workplace Construction Activities (selected based on relevance to a particular project/site)

  •  Construction site hazards
  •  Access, housekeeping, Illumination, noise, hazardous substance
  •  Permit to work, hazardous energy control
  •  Work at height including Roof work
  •  Excavations, shafts, earthwork, underground work & tunnel
  •  Demolitions
  • Blasting & explosives
  • Work over water
  •  Pile driving
  •  Cofferdams, caissons, & work in
  • Structural frame, welding, cutting, framework & concrete work
  • Manual handling & storage
  • Hand-arm vibration
  • Confined space activities

4. Plant, Machinery, Lifting appliances, Scaffolds & Ladders

5. Fleet safety – traffic & vehicles, vehicular movements

6. PPE & life-saving equipment

7. Electrical safety

8. Occupational health, first aid & welfare

9. Fire and emergencies

10. Protecting the public

The Consultivo Construction Safety Protocol is not scored on a pass-fail system.

Instead, it scores the development status of each part of a company’s Occupational Health & Safety System to manage construction site hazards– strategic, governance & operational areas. This allows management to focus its attention on developing and improving weaker areas.

Potential construction site hazards for workers include:

  •  Fall from heights
  • Trench collapse
  •  Scaffold collapse
  • Electric shock and arc flash/arc blast
  •  Failure to use proper personal protective equipment
  •  Repetitive motion injuries
  •  Trapped by something collapsing
  • Stuck by moving, falling object

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Read a few of our stories as we partner in the sustainable agricultural excellence journey of different organisations as an ESG advisory firm.

The internationally reputed company is a major construction, mining and power solutions provider with more than 25 locations in India. Their major challenge was working with multiple standards and legal requirements of different stakeholders.

We started with the development of an inhouse standard and guideline which was implemented across the locations.

We customized our scored assessment protocol ‘Protosafe’ as per their requirements and developed a three year plan. The safety performance scorecard provided the required guidelines to the management for improvement. Our recommendations facilitated the actions.
A definite positive trend of improvements observed in the subsequent years.


Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

Consultivo ProtoSafe, IS 14489, Indian Legal Requirements, ISO 45001


Construction, power, heavy equipment and services

25 Locations across India

4000+ workpersons

Since 2018

Project ongoing till April 2023.

An international automotive manufacturer intended to reduce the OHS risks across the value chain – dealers/workshops. We created a customized OHS audit protocol keeping the focus on the relevant potential hazards and risks. The outcome includes analytics, scoring, benchmarking among the entities.
The project is ongoing for 1200+ units across India.


Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

Consultivo ProtoSafe, IS 14489, Indian Legal Requirements, ISO 45001



1200+ units

A large Naphtha Based Petrochemical Complex needed statutory safety audit as per IS 14489 standard. This audit was intended for meeting compliance and finding out potential risks from an independent expert perspective.

Consultivo was selected after a rigorous technical evaluation process which was focused on the quality of experience and expertise of both the organization as well as the auditors. The team was carefully chosen with diversified expertise in General Safety, Fire Safety, Process Safety and Electrical Safety with adequate Oil & Gas (Refinery & Petrochemical) experience.

The audit was conducted as per IS 14489:2018 standard and a detailed report was submitted with specific gaps, risks and recommendations.

Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

Consultivo ProtoSafe, IS 14489, Indian Legal Requirements, ISO 45001


Construction, power, heavy equipment and services

One Location with Naptha Cracker Unit and 12 Associated Plants

Captive Power Plant

Pipeline to Jetty

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Some more answers to your questions – FAQ

  •  High understanding of Construction Safety issues and industry practices by the audit team
  • Organisational strengths and recommendations for improvement are one of the major outcomes of our audit/assessment process
  •  Consultivo construction safety assessments and audits are conducted based on certain indigenous developed maturity model protocols. These assessment protocols are subject-specific and customised for your industry sector
  •  Provides quantitative dashboard which facilitates top management to understand the risk perception and front line managers to take actions
  •  Conducted by industry experienced, qualified, trained & competent professional engineers. Our construction safety auditors have years of experience and competence in the domain of construction site hazards and thir management.
  • Trusted by the global industry leaders

The Construction Safety Audit/Assessment process involves an in-depth examination of the construction site by competent construction safety auditors with a focus on construction safety. The audit focuses on the key aspects of managing construction safety and offers a structured path for continual improvement towards best practice status.

Utilising extensive industry experience and acknowledging aspects of universally recognised management systems and construction safety standards, Consultivo has developed a construction safety audit protocol that objectively evaluates preventive and protective electrical safety management systems and arrangements against current best practice techniques.

The audit model is reflective of the recognised PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT. The maturity protocols are developed in line with the EFQM Excellence Model.

Our construction safety auditors are industry experienced, qualified and competent to understand construction safety hazards and their management mechanism.

Find out more on Consultivo Safety Audit and Safety Audit Methodology

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