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BRSR FAQs Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting


FAQ | BRSR Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  7 MINS READ All you wanted to know about BRSR     In India, the top 1,000 listed companies are required to furnish a Business Responsibility Report (BRR) to the stock exchanges as a part of their annual reports. The BRR comprises the initiatives…

Water Resource Sustainability Management Consulting

Blog – Water Resource Management

Leading the battle for sustainable water management: Actions for industries CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  4 MINS READ Water Crisis seek solution from decision makers which is…

High rise building fire safetyFire risk management

Building Fire Safety Risks: 5 steps

Building Fire Safety Risks: 5 steps from Negligence to Management CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  4 MINS READ The nature of Building Fire Safety risks is changing…

stakeholder Map

Stakeholder mapping and engagement blog

Stakeholder mapping and engagement: a game changer in sustainability The purpose of the stakeholder mapping and engagement is to ensure sustainability of the organisation. A…

safe diwali tips

Safe Diwali

Safe Diwali: Celebrating Responsibly CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  4 MINS READ When Diwali is just around the corner, the festive spirit resonates and ushers in the…

Consultivo internship experience

My internship experience

Passion vs pandemic: My internship experience at Consultivo amid the crisis Learning and growing is what we are continuously striving. And on this journey, the…


Green workplace | Choose your environment

Green workplace | Choose your environment Trees are a crucial part of our ecosystem; without trees, we cannot surviving a minute on Earth. Modern technologies…

Consultivo Internship Program - The Journey

The journey that never stops

The journey that never stops: My internship days at Consultivo Hi! I’m Raajika, I did my content management internship at Consultivo. The festival of lights…

workplace 5s

5S Workplace – Know the Basics

5S Workplace – the what, why and how? 5S – A system of organising workplace behaviours and activities to increase work efficiency & productivity. It…

skills and competence development

Skill and Competence

Skill and Competence – Developing your skills to deliver Human beings always go for a better self through learning and trying to develop new skills.…

Talent Gender Diversity

Talent first: Accelerating gender diversity

Talent first: Accelerating gender diversity, productivity, positivity & more CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  6 MINS READ A gender diversified team performs better as compared to single…

yoga and productivity

Boost your work productivity with Yoga

Boost your work productivity with yoga on International Yoga Day Daily Yoga exercises help to relax, calming the mind and release tension. It helps to…

bio diversity

International Day for Biological Diversity

Why should we celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity? Biological Diversity signifies the existence of rich flora & fauna, lush green forests inhabited by countless…

castor crop in north gujarat

Meeting Castor : North Gujarat, India

Meeting Castor on my trip for Consultivo sustainability assessment services in North Gujarat, India The castor seeds are used for the production of castor oil,…

Last day of internship at Consultivo

Building employability and business skills

Building employability and business skills Consultivo internship programmes are designed to give you an insight and awareness of business and to help you build your…

learning is changing

New Age Learning

Methods of Training – New Age Corporate Training Methods of Training and Techniques matter. Corporate Training Methodologies are to follow adult learning pedagogy. Learning is…

HR legal compliance

HR legal: beyond compliance

HR legal: a world beyond compliance Compliance is a heavy word and to comply with the HR legal requirements is definitely mandatory. Organisations need to…

socio economic survey

Socio economic study in tea estates

Socio Economic Study in Tea Industry CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  4 MINS READ Socio economic study – An insight into the working of the factories and…

consultivo internship

Nurturing skills

Myths are there to be broken: How my internship at Consultivo helped me to nurture my skills and break a myth Hi! I’m Anubhab and…

Ethical Supply Chain Management Issues

Ethical issues in Supply Chain

Ethical issues in Supply Chain: The unseen behind the scenes Ethical issues are not just confined to the course of production, but also involves several…

make in india

India and Standardisation-Make In India

India and Standardisation: Achieving “Made In India” dignity through “Make In India” Standardisation is the process of implementing, developing and adopting – Technical standards for…

Story on and about decision making in Management

A real life story on decision-making

A Story of Decision Making and related risks and rewards. Problem Solving and Decision Making are important Management Skills that can be learned.

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