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Safe Diwali - Consultivo

Safe Diwali: Celebrating Responsibly

When Diwali is just around the corner, the festive spirit resonates and ushers in the joy of celebration, life & togetherness. Know how to celebrate Diwali Safely.

Workplace - 5S - Consultivo
Business Excellence

5S Workplace – the what, why and how?

5S Workplace – the what, why and how? 5S – A system of organising workplace behaviours and activities to increase work efficiency & productivity. It…

Biodiversity Day - Consultivo
Energy & Environment

Why should we celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity?

Biological Diversity signifies the existence of rich flora & fauna, lush green forests inhabited by countless animal and plant species that we find on earth is vital to adjust to the ever-changing & evolving conditions on our planet. CONSULTIVO BLOG 2 2nd May might not seem…

Safety Responsibility
People Advisory

Labour Rights | International Worker’s Day

The day to celebrate the spirit of their hard work and labour and to acknowledge the importance of workers and labour rights in all spheres of life. CONSULTIVO BLOG I nternational worker’s day also referred to as “May day” or “Workers day” – is it…

Team-it-up with Training - Consultivo
People Advisory

Learning is changing: the eight pillars of new-age corporate learning

People learn from the shared experiences and ideas of others. Personalisation of the learning experience should be highlighted. Favourable learning environment depends on well designing and planning. T ravelling from the “forced to attend” corporate learning programmes, we…

team it up with training
People Advisory

Methods of Training – New Age Corporate Training

Methods of Training and Techniques matter. Corporate Training Methodologies are to follow adult learning pedagogy. Learning is changing. So is Corporate Training….. And this change in the learning behaviour is the major challenge for corporate trainers and the key driver in changing the new age learning landscape.

Green Plants at Consultivo

Meet our army in green: a way of life at Consultivo

At Consultivo Humans have an intrinsic connection to nature and to have its presence at work not only creates a positive energy but also calms and relaxes us in a great way. CONSULTIVO BLOG As the daylight slowly peeped through the glass windows of our…

Industry - Make in India - Consultivo
Business Excellence

India and Standardisation: Achieving “Made In India” dignity through “Make In India”

Achieving “Made In India” dignity through “Make In India” Standardisation is the process of implementing, developing and adopting – Technical standards for different products, services, processes and systems. It is about quality consciousness, reliability and confidence. CONSULTIVO BLOG For global acceptance, the challenge is to deliver high quality. After all, customers…

Environment Day Management - ISO 140001 EMS - Consultivo
Energy & Environment

Achieving environmental focus and performance with ISO 14001

Achieving environmental focus and performance with ISO 14001 ISO 14001: Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use has just been published on 15th Sep 2015. CONSULTIVO BLOG ISO 14001 is one of the world’s most popular standards for environmental management. There are key improvements against the previous version (2004) and it is…

Go wild for life WED theme

World Environment Day 2016 | Go wild for life

World Environment Day 2016 | It also serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment to generate an exponentially positive impact on the planet. Here are few ways we can do it

GLOBAL Experience

Consultivo and Slate of Swan wish you joy and cheer this festive season.

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