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Supply Chain Sustainability – Consultivo helps brands in sustainable supply chain management to enhance brand purpose. We can help you customize the right risk management solutions to manage sustainability-related challenges.

Benefit from our rich sustainability consulting experience in the domain of supply chain in different industry sectors.

Consultivo is an independent consulting organisation and provides sustainability, risk management, and business excellence services globally.

Supply Chain Sustainability – Key Challenges

The key challenges for the supply chains include

  • Occupational health & safety
  • Ethical practices, responsible business
  • Social responsibility & accountability including human rights
  • Compliance
  • Resource productivity, eco-efficiency, energy use, waste recovery
  • Climate protection, emission reduction, improved land use
  • Community well-being

What we offer in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We provide risk management solutions in the areas of Sustainability and Business Excellence.

Audit & Assurance

Auditing, As-Is Assessment and Assurance programs are actually much more than checking compliance. They are a tool for improvement.

Supply Chain AuditsDue Diligence AuditComprehensive Safety AuditElectrical Safety AuditFire Safety AuditLogistics Safety ManagementWarehouse Safety AuditMore
Advisory & Consulting

We provide strategic and operational level sustainability solutions through our management consulting practice.

Ethical Supply Chain ManagementCSR ConsultingProject Baseline AssessmentImpact AssessmentISO 9001 ConsultingISO 14001 ConsultingISO 45001 ConsultingISO 50001 ConsultingISO 27001 ConsultingMore
Research, Study & Analytics

Use our more than 10 years of global experience in Strategic Research, Survey, Study & Analytics.

Development of Supply Chain Management StrategySustainability ReportingMore
Training & Capacity Building

We provide engaged learning specially designed for adult learners. The bandwidth varies from Management, Front line executives and supervisors to permanent & contractual workforce.

Capacity Building & Training on Supply Chain Sustainability

Take a dip dive in our Solutions

Range of Supply Chain Sustainability services

We partner with brands, principal companies and their supply chain members to manage their sustainability risks, to change and to inculcate continual improvement in line with the national laws as well as international codes and standards. Our experienced consultants help them to identify, manage & mitigate risk and improve the supply chain sustainability performances.

We help them to systematically use environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their business decisions by creating a sustainability framework and a custom-built risk management approach.

A sustainable supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Supply Chain Sustainability – We work across the chain

We have a long association with different brands, industry sector producers and their supply chain members.

It covers Primary Sources like mining or agriculture, Processing Units, Transportation storage and selling points like hypermarkets.

Supply Chain Sustainability – Working with multi-layered industry stakeholders

Our association with multi-layered stakeholders of industry sectors helps us to understand the business risks arising out of the stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

The stakeholders include producers, buyers, industry associations, research organisations, regulatory bodies, employee associations & unions, workers, code makers, certification bodies, pressure groups like international/grass-root NGOs.

Our supply chain sustainability team has rich experience in environmental protection and sustainable development, especially IFC & World Bank Guidelines, ILO Guidelines, GRI Standards, health and safety risk management, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 26000, and ISO 31000, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Community Issues and Business Ethics.

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    Consultivo is one of the practising Sustainability & Business Excellence Consultants in India and its neighbouring countries.

    We offer comprehensive risk management services in the domains of Safety, Social, Environment & Energy, People Advisory and Management Systems for supply chains.

    Our Sustainable Supply Chain Management solutions include:

    • Development of Supply Chain Management Strategy
    • Supply Chain Audits
    • Due Diligence, Safety Audit – Comprehensive, Electrical, Fire
    • Sustainability Reporting
    • Capacity Building & training
    • CSR Consulting, Project Baseline & Impact Assessment
    • Implementation of management systems like ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, 50001 etc.
    • Logistics Safety Management
    • Warehouse Safety

    Supply Chain Sustainability

    The supply chain has emerged as a competitive differentiator of brands across the globe. Every business model demands a resilient, robust and sustainable supply chain.

    In fact, supply chain sustainability is more of a practice than a definition.

    Brands and companies to incorporate business ethics, social, human rights and environmental considerations into how they do business across the world.

    An ethical supply chain or a sustainable supply chain focuses on the need for corporate social responsibility, working to produce products and services in a way that treats its workers and the environment ethically.

    Partner with Consultivo in your journey towards Sustainability

    Consultivo, a management Advisory, Research, Audit & Training organisation helping global businesses in the areas of Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management both in strategic and operational level.
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