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As one of the Workplace Safety Consultancy companies, Consultivo resources, with their global experiences of safety management, customise industry best practices to improve our clients’ performance.

Consultivo is recognised as an independent safety consulting body in world-class employee safety and has provided workplace safety management assessment, training and consulting to several organisations across the globe, helping our clients achieve a level of safety system improvement & maturity and performance beyond their own capability.

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Benefits of a Strong Workplace Safety Culture

A robust occupational health & safety culture directly reduces hazards in the workplace as well as unsafe behaviours and in turn, you can reduce their loss exposure. This helps you to protect your people, build trust & reputation and reduce costs with a more efficient system.

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Solutions in Workplace Safety Consulting

Our safety experts work with your organisation to customise and implement our safety management tools to help you to reduce injuries and enhance organisational excellence in the safety culture development. We tailor the global best practices we’ve learnt and developed to build on your organisation’s specific strengths.

Consulting and handholding support

As one of the Safety Consultancy Companies, Consultivo provides consulting and handholding support for any of your specific workplace safety related issues in System Safety, People Safety and Process Safety

Model Workplace development

Model workplace development is a scientific way to lay down the stepping stone to develop a safety culture within any industry sector organisations. The steps include the study of design safety, the study of systems, processes & procedures, imparting training and awareness, motivating for safe behaviours and finally improving the safety culture of the selected work area.

Consulting support for ISO 45001:2018 certification

With many of the ISO standards being revised, the team of Consultivo experts is on the job to identify the changes & their implications for ground-level implementation.


People capacity building on Occupational Health & Safety

Consultivo Academy will help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of different safety related topics and subjects through different modes of learning and training programs.

Online Instructor Led Courses   | E-Learning | On-site Courses


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Our Four-Step Workplace Safety Consultancy Methodology

In every workplace safety consultancy engagement, Consultivo safety consultants start with the process of understanding of the company culture and practices. As safety is totally people driven, understanding of the sociological and psychological behaviour is also very important. So, most of the safety interventions are actually ‘change management’. This approach enables cost savings and sustainable results that are ultimately owned by your organisation.

1. Assessing the Current State – Understanding the problems

The As-IS Assessment or the Gap Assessment is a management tool comprising of a systematic evaluation of the present state of principles & practices. This is to judge the current state by assessing objective evaluation of plant, personnel and processes against the essential components of a world-class organisation and established standards & legal requirements. Defining the present level of safety performance and identified areas for improvement (recommendations) are the outputs of this stage.

2. Intervention Planning

  • Define the common OHS goals & objectives: We help you to identify the elements of and present the case for change or improvement to leadership. Engagement of the leadership is very critical here in creating the vision for an improved future state.
  • We develop the project plan and timeline, based on assessment results and future state vision, to create a clear work plan.

3. Implementation of the interventions

We work closely with you at all levels of the organisation and across four critical areas —Infrastructure, People, Process, and Organisation — to implement a plan that delivers optimal results.

4. Sustenance & Improvement

The organisation and Consultivo safety consultants identify opportunities for continual improvement, providing the tools and knowledge to achieve a robust state of Sustenance.

We work with 100+ Global Safety Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. Our extensive and decade long Safety Advisory experience helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

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