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Consultivo Energy Audit provides a detailed & objective (Instrumented and diagnostic) evaluation of the energy landscape. As a practicing Energy Audit Firms in India, we help companies to identify areas of strength & weakness and provides a structured approach to continual improvement.

Energy audit is the first step towards your comprehensive energy management strategy.

Consultivo being one of the practicing Energy Audit Companies in India  helps Improving the energy efficiency to meet the dual objectives of promoting sustainable development and of making the economy competitive.

It's an Instrumented and Diagnostic Assessment

You'll get Risk Based Findings & Recommendations

Who needs an Energy Audit?

Every kind of entity, be it a large manufacturing industry or a service unit, Energy Audit is one of the fundamental requirements for their loss prevention strategy. Few of the entities are mentioned below:

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Warehouses
  • Service Sectors like IT Hubs / Data Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Educational Institutes
  • Office Buildings, housing & colonies

It is applicable for organisations, facilities and entities of all sizes and types.

Energy Audit and Management has been considered as one of the key sustainability issues across all industry sectors not only because of its immediate impact on production costs but also because of its considerable impact on carbon accounting and environmental sustainability.

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Key benefits of Energy Audits

As a practicing Energy Audit Companies in India, our instrumented and diagnostic energy audits provide practical insight into:

  • A clear understanding of energy consumption in your facilities
  • Modes of better utilisation of fossil resources and high-grade energy
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities in energy efficiency
  • exploration of renewable energy options

How can we work together?

Consultivo services in Energy Audit and Management include but are not limited to:

Comprehensive Energy Audit

Provides a 360 degree picture of energy consumption and conservation

Energy Audit Methodology

The Energy Audit process involves an in-depth examination of an organisation’s energy management system(s) with a focus on your key processes as well as utilities.

The general methodology of instrumented & diagnostic energy audit consists of the following:

  • Preliminary data analysis
  • Measurement at site
  • Data analysis
  • Recommendations based on economic viability-short term, medium term & long-term measures
  • Report submission, discussion of recommendation with the client & finalizing the report with the client

The scope of energy audit includes but not limited to:

  • Data Collection & Analysis of Power consuming equipment
  • Study the present Power consumption, Power factor, Voltage level and Harmonics level & K Factor in the Main Electricity Board
  • Study the cooling Towers & Pumps & Fans
  • Study the lighting loads
  • Study the Distribution system and arrive the distribution loss
  • Compare the Study result with benchmark /Standard and share report indicating our current status
  • ROI Calculation on any investment or suggestions
  • Phase-Phase / Neutral RMS Voltage variation and Transients
  • Load RMS Current variation and Abnormal peaks
  • Voltage and current trends
  • Voltage and Current Harmonics analysis


  • Electricity consumption & Electricity Billing
  • Electrical Distribution Networks
    • Transformers
    • LT Distribution Networks
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning system
  • Pumping systems
  • Other equipment & Drives
  • Illumination
  • Power Quality Study

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The audit model is reflective of the recognised PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT

Carbon Footprint Consultants in India

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Featured solution

ISO 50001 is intended for development, maintenance and improvement of an effective energy management in any organisation. It can be applied to any kind of industry, facility, establishment or entity, regardless of their location, size and type of operation.

Consultivo being one of the practicing ISO 50001 Certification Consulting Companies in India provides full range solutions on ISO 50001 – EnMS including ISO 50001 Training


We work with 100+ Global Sustainability Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Environmental Protection, Energy Management, Safety, Social Accountability & Business Ethics. Our extensive and decade long Sustainability Advisory experience helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

As one of the Energy Audit Firms in India, we help you to reap benefits from standards and help you to comply with regulatory requirements.

Curiosity Zone – Energy Audit and Management

Energy Management

The emergence of an energy-conscious industry has become increasingly popular among various global companies. Over the past decade, significant technological advances have made it possible to develop an efficient and innovative energy management strategy that provides tangible results to organizations worldwide. Once an effective energy reduction strategy has been implemented, it can also reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon footprint significantly.

Switching to renewable energy and practicing energy management have become more compelling in recent years. In fact, businesses have been adopting various forms of energy management solutions in order to offset their consumption of energy resources. The fluctuations in the market make them more mindful of how they manage their energy consumption, knowing it will have an effect on their overall performance in the future.

Energy management also strengthens a company’s corporate image and provides a competitive advantage to businesses. Global consumers are very aware of environmental issues and, as a result, good corporate citizenship behaviour on energy management is coming to be expected by stakeholders. Consequently, it also reinforces an organisation’s commitment towards sustainable development.

Implementing an efficient energy management strategy can be focused around the “Three Ps” — People, Process and Platform.

As a practicing energy audit firms in India, Consultivo helps organizations understand the business drivers for energy management and energy programs.

Know more about our ISO 50001- Energy Management Consulting and Energy Management Training

Implementing an efficient energy management strategy can be focused around the “Three Ps” — People, Process and Platform.

People are focused on the trained, motivated and highly-skilled employees who will execute an organization’s energy management program. A company needs the skill set of engineers, operators, analysts and technology professionals who will interpret the energy data and will spearhead the energy management plan across the entire organisation.

Process, on the other hand, serves as the steering wheel of a company’s energy management program. Having clearly defined and institutionalised energy management processes help the business run smoothly while also investing in good people and the right technology platform.

Platform is needed to thoroughly understand the energy performance drivers. An organization’s technology platform needs to be scalable and adaptable to the changing business climate. Energy management specialists need the right technology platform to help them translate raw energy data into a real-time energy management platform that identifies energy waste and improvement opportunities.

As a practicing energy audit firms in India, Consultivo helps organizations understand the business drivers for energy management and energy programs.

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Consultivo is a practicing Energy Management & Energy Audit Companies in India.

Consultivo Energy Audit and Management Solutions

Consultivo is one of the leading sustainability consulting firms in India with expertise in climate change, energy management  as well as energy audits in India with experience in providing cost-effective solutions to reduce carbon footprints.

Services include:


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