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Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management

As a Business Consultant and Management Consulting firm, we help organisations solve their most critical challenges and make their most important decisions. It all starts with helping you achieve results.

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Range of solutions in Consulting, Advisory & Handholding

We believe that consulting is more than providing advice. We provide solutions. Our management consulting practice is a combination of two broad types: strategy and operations in the areas of sustainability, risk management and business excellence.

Safety Consulting Solutions

Customised Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) solutions specific to your organisation’s OHS risk profile

Social Consulting Solutions
Environmental Consulting Solutions

Consulting support for the prevention of pollution, conservation of water, use of energy, and waste management.

People Advisory Solutions
Management Systems & Business Excellence

Partner with Consultivo in your journey towards Sustainability

Consultivo, a management Advisory, Research, Audit & Training organisation helping global businesses in the areas of Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management both in strategic and operational level.

Consultivo works with 100+ National and International Sustainability related codes, standards and guidelines.

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    What differentiates us in management consulting?

    Integrated solutions tackle specific issues

    Consultivo offers a wide range of solutions; and many others designed for specific organisational needs and industry sector requirements.

    Cosultivo product research team has designed many result-oriented products, or “solutions”, where consultants are engaged to implement a predefined approach to a specific issue or problem.

    The solutions are generally data-orientated, tool-based, and having the analytic capability.

    Quantified performance measurement approach

    Organisations are increasingly moving away from the traditional consulting performance management approach of ‘How much did we do?’ So we are continuously bringing evolution to our services to demonstrate more meaningful delivery of outcomes and measuring impact including ‘What difference did we make?’.

    Result, impact and alignment to the business objectives are the common themes; what clients are looking for in our services.


    Innovation is integrated in our products, services and processes. The management consultant industry was born out of this belief and continues to be a source of support for organisations looking for that expertise.

    We continue to develop our products and services to ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of innovative working practices.

    Solution-based approach

    Solution orientation is a combination of things put together to deliver a higher impact with visible improvements.

    The principles, standards, guidelines, methodologies and tools used to provide these services are globally accepted, tested over time, and are updated on a continual stakeholder feedback process.

    Practical knowledgeable & competent resource

    Customers get benefits out of our competent resources and carefully developed knowledge culture.

    Curiosity Zone 

    A Management Consulting firm or a Business Consultant helps organisations by solving their strategic and operational issues through:

    1. Logical analysis of the root causes, gap analysis with requirements and providing apt solutions
    2. Sharing best practices within and across industries; and
    3. Bringing in applicable outside perspectives to offer strategic improvements

    In fact, each of these changes can increase organizational efficiency and help in managing business risks.

    Our service lines

    Other Practices

    Audit & Assurance
    Research, Study & Analytics
    Training & Capacity Building

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