Fire Safety Auditing in Solvent-Based Chemical Industries

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Challenges for Fire Safety Auditing in hazardous industrial environments

Consultivo completed a year-long challenging project of conducting a detailed fire safety audit at multiple solvent-based paint manufacturing plants across the Indian subcontinent. This ambitious project aimed to address the high-risk environment inherent in these facilities, marked by the complex nature of the involved chemicals. The scope extended beyond traditional fire safety auditing to encompass Electrical Safety Audit, Thermography, and Process Safety Audit, making it an all-encompassing assessment.

The audit encompassed a wide range of aspects, including statutory compliance, infrastructure evaluation, and adherence to both national and international fire safety standards, as well as specific Indian and other country-specific fire safety rules regulations and legal requirements.

Our Tailored Solutions for Complex Fire Safety Auditing Challenges

To address these challenges, Consultivo developed a customised assessment protocol with a provision for defining risk criticality, reference standards & fire safety rules and regulations. The score based assessment protocol is capable of providing a definite direction to the auditors during auditing and to the audited firm when filled up with audit observations. 

We deployed a highly skilled and trained team including fire engineers with expertise in hazardous environments like chemicals, paint, refinery & petrochemicals etc. 

The audit was conducted meticulously, covering critical areas such as fire protection, detection, fighting, and mitigation systems.

The team also assessed emergency preparedness, signage, and other essential factors to ensure a holistic approach to fire safety. Consultivo utilised a combination of industry-specific knowledge and compliance frameworks (AagniSafe, a proprietary auditing tool of Consultivo) to tailor solutions for the unique challenges posed by the chemical industry.

Outcome of the Fire Safety Auditing project

As a result of the thorough audit, the solvent-based paint manufacturing plant gained invaluable insights into areas requiring improvement in its fire safety risk management and operational control processes. 

The implementation of Consultivo’s recommendations not only strengthened the facility’s defences against potential losses but also demonstrated the plant’s commitment to creating a secure and risk-optimised working environment. 

The outcome extends beyond mere fire safety compliance, fostering a culture of safety and preparedness in an industry where such measures are of paramount importance

Standards Used for the Fire Safety Auditing project

Consultivo adhered to a comprehensive set of national and international standards throughout the audit process. 

This included compliance with Indian legal requirements, as well as industry-specific guidelines and protocols like NBC 2016, State Municipal Corporation Guidelines, IS 3594, OSHA Guidelines, IS 9457, IS 13039, IS 15105, NFPA 72, NFPA 76 and many more.

The use of standards ensured that the fire safety auditing process was conducted with precision and in line with globally accepted best practices, contributing to the overall robustness of the safety measures implemented at the chemical plant

Value Creation for the Customer

Consultivo’s meticulous fire safety audit not only fortified the plants against potential losses but also enhanced operational efficiency and risk management. By instilling a culture of safety and preparedness, the consultancy created enduring value for the customer, ensuring a secure working environment and long-term resilience against fire-related risks

Project Summary

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