ICC Environment Excellence Award 2023

Celebrating Excellence in Environmental Management and Sustainability

Consultivo is excited to announce the 17th edition of the ICC Environment Excellence Award 2023. This prestigious award, in partnership with the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), aims to recognize and honor organizations that have shown exceptional commitment and made significant contributions to environmental management and sustainability for the year 2022-2023.

Last Date for Applications: October 30, 2023

About the Award

The ICC Environment Excellence Award is not just a recognition but a testament to an organisation’s dedication to the well-being of society and the planet. 

It acknowledges the vision and exemplary commitment of organisations towards environmental responsibility and improvement. 

As a knowledge partner, Consultivo brings expertise in sustainability, offering the necessary framework and technical support for the award

Aim & Objectives

  • Encouraging growth and maturity in environmental commitment and performance among Indian organizations.
  • Recognizing and fostering outstanding contributions by organizations in environmental sustainability.


Open to all Indian organizations operating for three years or more, the award categories are:

  • Service & Service-Oriented Organizations
  • Manufacturing & Processing Organizations including paints, chemical, iron & steel, cement, textiles, food processing, petrochemicals, sponge iron etc.
  • Power
  • Construction & Infrastructure (including utilities)
  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Oil & Gas
  • IT, Financial, Legal and Business Consulting Services
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Hospitality & Healthcare
  • Retail Business
  • Others

Organizations are classified into three categories based on their annual turnover:

  • Large Business Organizations (LBO)
  • Medium Business Organizations (MBO)
  • Small Business Organizations (SBO)

Why Participate?

  • Recognition of Environmental Efforts: An opportunity to be acknowledged on a prestigious platform for your commitment to the environment.
  • Benchmarking Against Peers: The award provides a chance to measure your initiatives against the best in the industry.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Winning the award elevates your organization’s reputation and brand image as a leader in environmental sustainability.
  • Inspiration to Others: Your success can inspire and motivate other organizations to adopt sustainable practices.

Award Process & Evaluation

The award process includes application submission, on-site assessments, presentations, and final jury scoring. The evaluation framework considers environmental issues and concerns like statutory compliance, leadership, governance, and performance, tailored to each industry sector

How to Apply

To apply for the ICC Environment Excellence Award 2023, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submit one hard copy and one soft copy of the filled application to the ICC Award committee.
  • The application should not exceed 50 pages, including supporting documents.
  • Ensure clarity with a table of contents, glossary of terms, and brief responses in English (Arial, point 11).
  • Application fees vary based on the size of the enterprise.

For detailed application instructions, document specifications, and submission information, please visit our website or contact the ICC Award committee

Request for Application


Send your application request at  [email protected]


About Consultivo:

Consultivo is a global advisory firm specialising in ESG, Sustainability, Business Excellence, and Risk Management.

Our Environmental Consulting expertise spans strategic and operational levels, offering environmental audits, assurance, handholding, and training.

We cover a range of services, including environmental compliance auditsenvironmental due diligence audits – EDDperformance audits on environmental issues, water and carbon footprint assessments, and more. Partner with us for comprehensive support in navigating the complexities of environmental management.



About ICC:

The ICC, stands as a premier business and industry body. With a legacy of over 80 years, it was established by visionaries led by Mr G D Birla, deeply associated with the Indian Freedom Movement.

Comprising major corporate groups, the ICC remains proactive, interacting with national leaders and adapting to global shifts.

Its Executive Committee, led by senior industry figures, reflects its influential character. Over the years, luminaries like Mr B M Birla, Sir Ardeshir Dalal, and others have presided as its Presidents.

With a focus on large manufacturing units, the ICC continues to lead with a future-oriented vision.

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