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Consultivo ensures safe warehousing practices through our Warehouse Safety Audit covering Statutory Rules, Checklist, and Good Industry Practices.

Warehouse safety audits bring insights on the current hazards, level of risks and effectiveness of the existing control measures.

It's a Scored Assessment

You get a quantitative outcome of your safety performance and can compare multiple warehouses with this scored diagnosis tool.

Warehouse safety audits identify gaps in current control measures with respect to national/international standards and legal requirements.

You'll get Risk Based Findings & Recommendations

Improve your system & allocate resources based on risk priority. Our audits provide recommendations suggesting suitable risk control and mitigation measures for improvement.
Warehouse Safety Audit Rules, Checklists
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Basic Elements of Warehouse Safety Audits

  • Safe storage practices including building safety
  • Material handling, forklift movement & fleet movement
  • Manual handling, loading & unloading
  • Legal compliance and warehouse safety rules
  • Fire management prevention, detection, containment & fighting
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Electrical safety
  • People competence related to warehouse and safety
  • Safety management system & safety performance

These warehouse related safety elements are further customised to fit your requirements.

Warehouse Safety Audit Safe Best Practices Management Checklist Rules Consultivo

The uniqueness of consultivo warehouse safety solutions

  • A unique risk-based report with scored assessment
  • A management dashboard with scientific data visualization through graphs, charts, heat maps
  • Identified gaps against statutory requirements, national and international standards with a risk rating
  • Recommendations for closing the gaps
  • Industry experienced competent auditors

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Warehouse Hazards and Safety Tips

It is important to understand common warehouse dangers and hazards because they can cause injuries and in extreme cases death. It’s important to conduct a detail risk assessment for your warehouses and identify the hazards, risks and mitigation measures including warehouse safety rules and best practices.

A comprehensive warehouse safe practice checklist helps the organisation to manage warehouse safety consistently.


Forklifts are very frequently used in warehousing and storage facilities across the globe irrespective of the type of storage. However, when operated incorrectly can cause serious damage to operators, nearby workers, and property. Unsafe use of forklifts is the most often cited hazard in the domain of warehouse safety.

Tips: Ensure proper equipment health along with all safety controls, pre-start inspection and competent (trained and retrained operator, medically fit with safe behaviour)

Manual Lifting and Handling

This is one of the most common causes of physical injuries in warehouse and storage facilities. Manual lifting or handling can cause physical injuries and musculoskeletal disorders in case of awkward postures, repetitive motions.

Tips: Ensure proper equipment or engineering controls to eliminate or reduce manual handling. An ergonomic study can help to reduce warehouse safety hazards related to awkward postures and repetitive motions.

Storage of dangerous goods/hazardous chemicals

A number of hazards may be created when storing packaged dangerous substances. These warehouse safety hazards may affect people working within the storage site, the emergency services in the event of an incident, the general public off-site, and the environment. Fire is generally considered to be the greatest hazard, associated with toxic fumes, explosions.

Tips: Identify Chemical Safety Hazards through HIRA. Different types of dangerous substances are to be assessed based on hazard classification systems to formulate a risk control strategy. It will ensure controls including sufficient segregation, storage conditions, handling precautions, etc. Interaction between different dangerous substances may create additional hazards.

Electrical and Fire Hazards

One of the most common hazards in warehouse and storage facilities.

Tips: Ensure proper equipment or engineering controls to eliminate or reduce electrical & fire hazards. A detailed electrical & fire risk study can help to reduce such risks. Fire drills are very important to keep the fire fighting system in place.

Download our Free Handbook for Electrical Safety Precautions and Electrical Safety Checklist

We work with 100+ Global Safety Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection and Business Ethics. Our extensive and decade long Safety Advisory experience helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

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Warehouse Safety Audit

Safety Audits for Warehouses help an organisation or a supply chain to identify

  • Safety hazards related to the entire warehousing operations
  • Building Fire and Life Safety risks and
  • Risks associated with the key operations, safe working of employees and their level of controls

These insights and practical recommendations that are provided along with the audit, help the supply chain to mitigate occupational health & safety risks.

As a leading Safety Consultancy Company in India and it’s neighboring countries, Consultivo provides independent and unbiased industry specific solutions in the areas of Hazardous Area Classification HAC, Fire Safety Audit, Electrical Safety Audit, Electrical and Fire Safety Audit, Thermographic Study, Safety Legal Compliance and many more.

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Warehouse Safety Audit Checklist

Warehouse safe practice checklist or warehouse safety audit checklist is a comprehensive tool which helps the operating staff to manage and maintain the overall aspects of safety requirements.

Generally, there can be two types of Checklists – Generic and Site Specific. It is always advisable to develop industry sector and site specific checklists for the warehouses.

A good Warehouse Safety Checklist generally includes company requirements, relevant warehouse safety rules and industry good/best practices.


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