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Employee Engagement Survey | Job Satisfaction Survey | Climate Survey | Provides you with a deep understanding of employee perceptions and action items for improvement. As an Employee Engagement Survey Company and independent Consultant, we provide Online, Onsite and Blended surveys customised to your need.

You get valuable insights into the risks associated with people management.

Employee Engagement  – Your challenge

Companies face constant pressure  from internal and external stakeholders on various aspects of their people management &  performance. They face numerous requirements in the form of legislation, employee expectations, customer requirements, international standards, and their own management expectations.

Many times, human capital related activities take a backseat when it comes to poor financial performance, economic downturn, production pressure, business difficulties and resource crunch.

Employee Engagement Survey – How can we work together?

We have extensive experience in delivering employee engagement survey related research, measurement, analytics, practical recommendations and action items.

As an Employee Engagement Survey Vendor and HR Consultants, we support organisations with independent and anonymous engagement surveys.

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What do we offer?

We offer the following types of employee surveys:

It measures employees’ commitment, motivation, sense of purpose and passion for their work and organisation.
They measure employee views, attitudes and perceptions of their organization. It is also known as organisational climate surveys.
It measures the point of view of employees and is designed to assess whether it aligns with that of the organization or its functions.

Featured solution

Employee Safety Perception Survey (ESPS) is a powerful data-driven tool for understanding, bench-marking and catalyzing your organizations safety performance. The methodology of Consultivo in workplace safety surveys is backed up by internationally validated methods that help reduce injuries by strengthening your safety culture.


Employee Engagement Survey – How do we do them?

Our engagement survey for employees or Employee Satisfaction Survey or Organisational Climate Survey measures the critical factors for organisational success. With a deep understanding of local culture, we know that the employees will understand the questions in the way that they were intended.

We ensure that the results provide you with information that can be used to find that cutting edge. They are designed in a way so that as many people as possible actually respond. Information remains unbiased, representative, and useful.

As an independent Employee Engagement Survey Vendor and service provider, we keep every identity anonymous and ensure a proper degree of objectivity and independence.

We demonstrate this through the consistent application of our research & survey methodology and best of the class competent & experienced resources. Our consultants have assisted 50+ companies in the last couple of years using this approach, each one tailored to meet our client’s unique needs.

Get in touch to customise this solution for your organisation.

Our Employee Engagement surveys are:

  • Aligned with your existing HR system

  • In compliance with the purpose and objective of the project

  • Efficient and Effective

  • Evaluating opportunities for improvement

  • Able to identify & manage risks

  • Depicts clear and actionable recommendations

Custom made engagement surveys

Do you have a need to measure something else in your organisation that does not fit into the scope of a regular survey?

We are happy to work with you to formulate questions and develop a custom- made questionnaire that meets your stated needs. You can rely on our expertise to advise and guide you in question formulation and survey construction.

Call us for a meeting. Mail us your requirements.

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Curiosity Zone – Employee Engagement Survey

Engagement Survey or an Organisational Climate Survey is an excellent vehicle for gaining the insight of different elements and lifecycle of employment practices like attraction, training, retaining and rewarding It reflects a clear understanding of the employees who make up the workforce.

carefully designed and conducted employee survey can reveal a great deal of information about employees including:

  • Management can use the perceptions derived out of Employee Satisfaction Survey to improve the workplace and existing HR practices.
  • Organization responsiveness to employee feedback leads to higher satisfaction and employee morale. That, in turn, yields higher retention rates, better customer service, lower absenteeism and higher productivity.
  • The simple fact that the organization is conducting an independent, unbiased and anonymous survey can send a positive message to employees. They can feel that their opinions matter and they will not be victimised for their opinions.

As an Organisational Climate Survey or Employee Engagement Survey vendor Consultivo provides end to end services in this domain.

Organizations are expected to conduct Employee Satisfaction Survey or Engagement Survey for employees on a regular basis. Many conduct this annually.

Requesting regular feedback demonstrates that the company actually cares about how they perceive their work environment. It ensures both way communications from employees and their organisation.

Choosing when to conduct the survey should take several things into consideration. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Scheduling the survey in a relatively non-peak production period and avoiding holiday seasons generally ensures maximum responses.
  • Until and unless there is a specific purpose, it’s better to avoid high-stress periods like a bonus, performance appraisal, merger, restructuring, lay-off etc. There is a chance to get skewed results during these periods.

Find out more on People Feedback Oriented Research Method and more solutions on Research and Analytics

As an Independent Employee Engagement Survey Vendor or Employee Engagement Survey Company, Consultivo provides unbiased and insightful information with recommendations for improvement.

Engagement Survey for employees can be conducted Fully Online, Fully Onsite and in a blended method, depending on the purpose and requirements.

Consultivo offers bespoke solutions in the entire domain of HR Consulting including Competency Mapping, HR Audit, Human Rights Due Diligence, Employee Well being Audit and HR Trainings. Call or WA +91 98311 45556 or write to [email protected]

Next steps

You are on a journey towards People Excellence. Consultivo People Excellence model is a people management framework that allows companies to achieve success by measuring where they are on the path towards positive transformation.

This model will enable you to understand the gaps and possible solutions available. Finally, it significantly improves your organisation’s performance.

Engagement Survey for employees plays a very vital role under the element ‘detection’.

As one of the practicing HR consultants, Consultivo offers comprehensive People Management, Business and Human Rights as well as Organizational Development solutions to organizations in meeting the growing risk management requirements.

Consultivo supports companies globally on several research & survey related solutions like Employee Engagement Survey, Safety Perception Survey, Employee Survey, Engagement Survey, Culture Survey, Employee Satisfaction Survey, Employee Well Being Survey, Social Survey, Stakeholder Survey and many more.


Irrespective of where you are in your business improvement and people excellence journey, contact our expert team who will be able to give advice and guidance about options that will enable you to meet your goals.

Send a mail to [email protected] or Call +91 98311 45556

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