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Root Cause Analysis Training Solutions

Learning from experiences through failure investigation and analysis is a fundamental element in any management system. It is considered as the building block of continual improvement.

This RCA or Root Cause Analysis Training course will provide delegates with a broad understanding of methods of an effective failure investigation and analysis through principles and practice of FMEA – both in Online (Instructor Led) and Onsite mode.

Participants will be exposed to a simulation of failure analysis situations. They will use collaborative learning from the course and apply critical thinking skills to conduct an effective failure investigation & root cause identification during the course.

RCA Online Courses will enable organisations to meet their requirements for improvement through corrective actions.

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Course Details

RCA Onsite and RCA Online Courses

Course Duration

RCA Onsite and RCA Online Courses can be of one or two days duration, depending on the organisation’s requirement & learning objectives.

Four hour OILT (Online Instructor Led Training): Understanding and awareness level

One day: Understanding and awareness level

Two days: Understanding, awareness and practice to develop competence. More practical and hands on case-studies are used in the two-day duration course.

Course Coverage

This course features a collaborative problem-based learning approach that provides an individual competence building experience through an overview and basic knowledge of failure investigation; theory, approach, investigation process, methods and tools, and reporting.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding of the corrections