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CII Consultivo OHS Preparedness Report August 2021

OHS Preparedness in the Eastern Region: Trends & Analysis

Several case studies show that good OSH management in a business is linked to improved performance and profitability. A safety-oriented workplace reduces accidents and ill health of the employees, thereby increasing their productivity and efficiency. It enhances motivation, cooperation and morale in the workforce and minimises unplanned costs incurred on account of the health issues inflicted upon the employees.

bbs safety india

Behavioural Safety (BBS) – Presentation | An Overview

This presentation on Behavioural Safety/behaviour based safety gives an insight into the causes of accidents due to which behaviour based safety becomes necessary, the study of human behaviour, various factors influencing human behaviour, ABC analysis, BBS awareness, techniques to modify human behaviour, etc.

consultivo electrical safety checklist

Electrical Safety Audit Checklist

Electrical Safety Audit Checklist | Self Assessments can be carried out based on this Electrical Safety Checklist Questions by a competent team with domain knowledge in the relevant fields. The outcome can be used for closing the gaps and improvements. You may customise this checklist for electrical safety audit further or may develop an audit protocol for hazardous installations.

electrical safety handbook by Consultivo

Handbook | Electrical Safety Precautions & Measures

Know Electrical Safety Precautions, Measures, Tips for your industry and home from this complimentary handbook. This pdf handbook has been prepared by Consultivo technical team as part of the creating awareness program on electrical safety and can be used by competent professionals in any industry. The attached checklist may be customised further for specific industry and organisation.

fire safety nbc 2016 requirements

National Building Code 2016 – NBC

The Presentation discusses about the revised NBC rules, fire prevention techniques with reference to buildings and also some take-home points.

CSR Initiatives and SDG agendas scaled
Social & Sustainability

CSR Initiative and SDG Agendas

Corporate Social Responsibility in India has a deep-rooted effect on agenda points of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Social Impact. This Knowledge Report highlights the social issues being addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the world, including social issues taken up by different organizations, and the implementation and work of the SDGs.

Design Thinking
Business Excellence

Design Thinking Enabling Change Management

This knowledge paper on ‘Design Thinking Enabling Change Management’ brings light on the process of design thinking and its application in change management. The pitch of this paper is understanding the users & target group – their psychology, behaviour, aspirations, challenges, beliefs and values.

Binding Growth Sustainability
Social & Sustainability

Binding Growth Sustainability

This Cement Sustainability Knowledge Report will provide a holistic landscape for sustainability in the cement sector, emphasizing sustainable development through technological innovations and the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Business Excellence

Business Risk Management

This knowledge report on risk management compliance focuses on the need for compliance in risk management and how it can lead to embedding risk-aware culture in an organisation.

ICC Consultivo knowledge report sustainability metal mining
Social & Sustainability

Sustainability in Mining & Metal

The ICC-Consultivo Knowledge Report provides a holistic sustainability landscape which will help organisations to move towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

BBS handbook by consultivo

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Handbook

Get insights into the antecedents & consequences influencing safe behaviour, BBS implementation programme & methods, the relationship between BBS & safety culture. This handbook also comes along with a 24-points self-assessment checklist to ensure the development of behaviour based safety across industries.

Doing well by Doing good
Social & Sustainability

Mapping the CSR space in India

This report analyses the aspects related to CSR such as policy, committee, director’s reports, annual disclosure and spends of companies as on 31 March 2018.

Safety Leadership towards Vision Zero

Vision Zero

This knowledge report focusses on the relationship between safety leadership & vision zero highlighting the goal of Vision Zero through safety leadership – the prevention strategy for achieving zero harm & establishing a safety culture.

Worker Safety Skill Training

Worker Safety Skill Training

This Worker Safety Skill Training Knowledge Paper gives an insight into the importance of staff worker training, reasons for higher loss exposure, the importance of job satisfaction and its correlation to health and safety and the various action points that are required to be undertaken to face the industry challenges.

sa 8000 social accountability
Social & Sustainability

Social Accountability Checklist

This Social Accountability Checklist and toolkit provides a comprehensive coverage that includes the benefits of social accountability, the measures needed to be taken to ensure legal compliance of an organisation, details of the SA 8000 certification system and the criteria needed to maintain a social accountability system.

knowledge paper on contractor safety front page

Leadership Challenges in Managing Contractor Induced Risk at Workplace

This knowledge report provides a coverage of various topics such as the Occupational Health & Safety Management System for Contractors’ Management, an analysis of the data as a result of the Contractor Safety Management Survey, areas to improve based on the result of the survey, the essential elements required for a safe workplace, Business Risk Management and the ways to monitor and review the health & safety performance of the Contractors.

Safety Culture Assessment

Safety Culture Development

In this Knowledge Report, an attempt has been made to highlight the importance of people in the management of safety at the workplace. Organisations may have commendable policies, procedures, plans and programmes but, it is the successful implementation of these ideas which really matters. Successful implementation is not possible without engaging and motivating the people at the workplace.

safety audit presentation

Safety Audit – An Overview | Presentation

This presentation (safety audit pdf) provides complete coverage of what safety audit actually is, the audit features, the different levels of verification, different kinds of approach, the factors on which safety depends, the requirements, the different standards for the safety audit, the complete audit process and the attributes of the auditor.

ICC Consultivo CSR Compendium Aug 2021
Social & Sustainability

CSR Compendium 2021

CSR Projects and Initiatives by Indian Companies are facilitating achievement of sustainable development goals by the nation.

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