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Our Environmental Due Diligence Audit Service or EDD identifies the existing & potential environmental risks or hazards associated with the facility or projects in India. Consultivo conducts evaluation on behalf of organisations and project proponents, as part of their due diligence around investments, mergers and acquisitions.

We have completed over 1,000 EHS audits, ESG reporting and provided EHS compliance assistance around the world. Our projects range from compliance audits to international due diligence, comprehensive EHS auditing to large scale reviews and environmental assessment.

We identify and prioritize current, contingent, and future Environmental and sustainability exposures leading to unexpected liabilities.

Environmental Due Diligence – Your challenge

Environmental Compliances and liabilities have become part of critical business risks. If not managed properly, they may pose significant loss exposure to any merger, acquisition (M&A) or financial deals. They can influence the brand reputation, financials and the value of an enterprise.

As a result, the investors, funders or project proponents need to understand the Environmental risk exposure before, during and post-merger & acquisition (M&A). A professional quality independent environmental due-diligence helps in accurate and strategic decision making.

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