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Our Environmental Due Diligence Audit Service or EDD identifies the existing & potential environmental risks or hazards associated with the facility or projects in India. Consultivo conducts evaluation on behalf of organisations and project proponents, as part of their due diligence around investments, mergers and acquisitions.

We have completed over 1,000 EHS audits, ESG reporting and provided EHS compliance assistance around the world. Our projects range from compliance audits to international due diligence, comprehensive EHS auditing to large scale reviews and environmental assessment.

We identify and prioritize current, contingent, and future Environmental and sustainability exposures leading to unexpected liabilities.

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Environmental Due Diligence – Your challenge

Environmental Compliances and liabilities have become part of critical business risks. If not managed properly, they may pose significant loss exposure to any merger, acquisition (M&A) or financial deals. They can influence the brand reputation, financials and the value of an enterprise.

As a result, the investors, funders or project proponents need to understand the Environmental risk exposure before, during and post-merger & acquisition (M&A). A professional quality independent environmental due-diligence helps in accurate and strategic decision making.

Due Diligence – What do we offer?

Our Environmental due diligence or EDD  process is meant to

  • characterize a target entity (site/operation/business) sufficiently in terms of environmental aspects and
  • communicate risks or liabilities that are material to the buyer or investor

The main goal is to provide a full picture of what our customers are acquiring.

We can help you in all stages of Environmental Due Diligence

  • Phase I: We identify and evaluate potential risks
  • Phase II: We probe, investigate and quantify substantial site and context-specific risks in detail – characterisation study

Our services may include:

  • Potential subsurface risks (Phase I ESA) as defined by ASTM standard E1527 focusing mostly on soil and groundwater quality issues
  • Site survey to understand current site-operations and the activities carried out on adjacent facilities and surrounding areas
  • Operational risks include compliance issues associated with regulations applicable to an operation
  • Conduct interviews with on-site personnel to confirm identified potential environmental concerns
  • Product Stewardship due diligence covering risks across the entire life cycle of the product

Other form of transaction support solutions

Standards we use for Environmental Due Diligence

We work with global codes, standards and guidelines especially IFC Performance Standards (IFC PS), ISO 14015, ISO 14016, ISO 14001, World Bank EHS Guidelines, ASTM E 1527, ASTM E 1528, GRI Standards, country, region and industry-specific statutory & regulatory requirements.

The level of entity characterization and quantification depends on the buyer/investor’s requirements.

EHS Environmental Due diligence Audit Service India
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Benefit from our unrivalled knowledge of environmental legislation and experience in the fields of environmental auditing, consulting and research studies.

Other related services:

Due diligence process with a focus on environment, health & safety (EHS)


EHS Audits are focused assessment & review of the EHS management systems, EHS performances and statutory, regulatory, obligatory requirements applicable to the organisation.

We offer two types of EHS Audits:

  1. Comprehensive EHS Audits
  2. EHS Compliance Audits

Environmental Audits evaluate the extent of environmental compliance against statutory requirements and management system implementation gaps against national international standards, industry good practices.


Our Safety audits identify the areas of strength & weakness and provide a structured approach to continual improvement.


Environmental Due-Diligence Services

What will you get – the outcome

Upon completion of the Environmental due diligence process, a detailed report is prepared by the Consultivo auditors. The report content generally includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Review the environmental permitting situation of the assets
  • Any material compliance issue against applicable legal requirements (current and fore-coming)
  • Significant environmental liability issue(s) associated with the assets
  • Review the adequacy of the Environmental Management System
  • Any environmental constraint (e.g. protected areas, known biodiversity issues, local opposition) that may affect the pursuit or the mining concession and any future development
  • Assess any liability and risks associated with purchased and mined raw materials, additives and products to market
  • Recommendations for future investigations including estimated costs and required by law implementation deadlines
  • Overall summary of site environmental performance including strengths and areas for improvement.
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How are we different?

Consultivo provides Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), management system support, due diligence and audit services for all levels of government, institutional, commercial, industrial and mining clients.

  • We specialise in environmental due diligence in India along with EHS & Social due diligence
  • We have conducted hundreds of compliance audits for Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety and Social compliance
  • Acquired deep knowledge of applicable laws and regulations for different industry sectors

Custom Made Services

Do you have a need for something else in your organisation that does not fit into the scope of a regular environmental due diligence?

We are happy to work with you to develop a custom- made service that meets your stated needs. You can rely on our expertise to advise and guide you in your journey towards effective risk management.

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Curiosity Zone – Environmental Due Diligence – EDD

Increasingly, Environmental, Social, Human Rights and Occupational Health & Safety aspects of any organization are becoming more important to brand and reputation and can influence financials and the value of an enterprise. There are ever growing demands by investors, the markets and other stakeholders which require an understanding of the broader impact of Environmental, Social and Governance – ESG issues on business. For some industry sectors, ESG issues are pivotal to business risk management.
Recognizing the importance of these non financial issues to transactions like Mergers, Acquisitions, IPOs, Joint Venture, and supply chain governance, Consultivo maintains a competent team of professionals dedicated to ESG due diligence and transaction support.

We review both the tangible and intangible ESG risks and liabilities associated with a transaction, as well as identifying ESG elements which will provide ongoing value post deal.

Consultivo provides complete range of transaction support due diligence services in India and around the world, that include:

Definition of Environmental Due-Diligence or EDD

EDD is a process of evaluating the environmental conditions of a property in connection with an investment decision like merger & acquisition (M&A).

Statutory requirements, regulations and compliances continue to be the foundation to any Environmental governance, management and performance system. Deviation from the same may lead to significant loss exposure. Environmental aspects of a Company’s performance are becoming more important to brand and reputation and can influence financials and the value of an enterprise.

Environmental due diligence or EDD identifies tangible and intangible, present, probable & future environmental risks and liabilities associated with a transaction, as well as identifying environmental elements which will provide ongoing value post-deal.

Consultivo provides complete range of transaction support due diligence services in India and around the world, that include:

Environmental Due Diligence or EDD helps you to manage investment related risks.

Environmental Due-diligence provides a model to find out the present, probable and future Environmental risks when setting up and operating a project. The benefits of using effective EDD include:

  • Expert level appraisals of the environmental aspects and related impacts of properties and investments
  • Informed decision making that saves money
  • Reduced investment risks through reduction of unplanned cleanup costs, regulatory penalties, or capital improvements
  • Higher confidence of the stakeholders like investors, lenders, statutory bodies and buyers with greater transparency and their level of loss exposures.

Consultivo offers the full range services related to Environmental Due Diligence Audit Service in India along with Social Due Diligence, EHS due diligence and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment or ESIA

The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – ESA is conducted to evaluate environmental liability associated with the transaction of an entity/facility/unit. ASTM standard E 1527 is generally used as a guiding standard for Phase 1 ESA.

Consultivo provides complete range of transaction support due diligence services that include:

A Transaction Screen Assessment or TSA is a scaled-down Environmental Site Assessment. This rapid assessment is quicker to perform and is more cost-effective for a lesser risk entity.

It is governed by ASTM E1528 – Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process.

Consultivo provides complete range of transaction support due diligence services in India and around the world, that include:

We work with 100+ Global Sustainability Codes and Standards

and developed a number of Standards and guidelines on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. Our extensive and decade-long Sustainability Advisory experience helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards, and legal requirements.


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