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We bring a unique blend of tea industry & regional expertise to support tea supply chain members solve their most important & complex problems in the areas of social, environmental, safety & business ethics.

Throughout the tea industry supply chain

We have a long association with the entire tea industry supply chain. It covers Small Growers/Self Help Groups to Bought Leaf Factories (BLF), single owner estates to corporate produce network, factories to blending units, packers to buyers.

Tea Geo-areas

We've worked extensively in all major tea producing regions of India like Assam (both north & south bank), Tripura, Dooars, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Kerala, Karnataka

Worked with multi-layered tea industry stakeholders

Producers, packers, buyers, industry associations, research organisations, regulatory bodies, unions, workers, code makers and certification bodies, pressure groups like international/grass root NGOs.

What we offer

We provide risk management solutions in the areas of Sustainability and Business Excellence.

Audit & Assurance

Auditing, As-Is Assessment and Assurance programs are actually much more than checking compliance. They are a tool for improvement.

Advisory & Consulting

We provide strategic and operational level sustainability solutions through our management consulting practice.

Research, Study & Analytics

Use our more than 10 years of global experience in Strategic Research, Survey, Study & Analytics.

Training & Capacity Building

We provide engaged learning specially designed for adult learners. The bandwidth varies from Management, Front line executives and supervisors to permanent & contractual workforce.

Take a dip dive in our Solutions

Range of services in Tea Industry Sustainability

Complete range of advisory, research & assurance services in business ethics, human rights, environmental protection, occupational health & safety, social compliance, worker right and community development.

Tea Indus Sustainability Consultivo

Conducted audits, research & study, handholding & training programmes in

600+    Tea Estates

4000+  Small Tea Growers (STGs)

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    State of the art – knowledge & experience

    Conducted monitoring and assurance audits/assessments in 400 + estates in all tea producing regions in India.

    Conducted several environmental, social & safety due diligence studies of tea estates on behalf of funding bodies/investors

    Conducted several socio-economic & policy advocacy research projects including socio economic survey, Socio demographic portfolio survey, baseline surveys, impact assessment projects, housing & WASH surveys covering 200+ producing units (small holders, estates, factories).

    Developed integrated sustainability standard including digital interface for a major tea producer company covering 10 national & international standards and Indian Legal requirements.

    Developed the implementation guide & tool, audit protocol, audit checklist and capacity building programs for Indian tea sustainability program after extensive field study of the small holders, large producers, factories & BLFs processes, activities and practices.

    ISEAL benchmarking of the Indian tea sustainability program code for credible sustainability standards in supply chain.

    Conducted several ‘SAA (System Assurance Audit)’ for Indian tea sustainability program.

    Conducted capacity building programs on social, environmental, agricultural, food safety & occupational health & safety issues at different tea estates in India.

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    Consultivo, a management Advisory, Research, Audit & Training organisation helping global businesses in the areas of Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management both in strategic and operational level.
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