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Social Accountability – SA 8000 Training Solutions

Social Accountability – SA 8000 requirement based practical training program is to refresh and review the structure & basic requirements of SA 8000 & enable professionals to implement & conduct the internal audit to improve the effectiveness of SA 8000 & add value to their organisation.

Companies are increasingly held accountable for the social and ethical aspects of their business, including their value chain. A social accountability system is a good way to assure customers that you protect workers’ rights and ensure the ethical production of goods.

It also helps people to get an opportunity to enhance their auditing skills & demonstrate compliance with the standard’s requirement.

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Course Details

Social Accountability – SA 8000 Training Onsite and Online Courses

Course Duration

Four hour OELT (Online Expert Led Training): Understanding and awareness level

One day: Implementation level

One day: Internal Auditor Training

Course Coverage

A. Introduction of SA 8000 & its development:

— Business & Human Rights

— ILO & Other International Standards on Social Accountability

— Challenges & Business Advantages

B. Core Concepts & Background on social compliance in Supply Chain

C. Understanding the elements of SA 8000 Standard: Interpretation & implementation

— SA 8000:2014 overview

— Interpretation of SA 8000 standard along with the implementation roadmap

— Summary of changes in SA 8000:2014

— About SA 8000 certification

D. Internal auditing techniques

— Auditing techniques

— Auditor attributes

— Mock audit session

— Writing a finding

— Those making Human Resource policies

— Supplier / Manpower Contractor selection

— Those making decisions which affect the Social performance of the work place.

— The clarity in understanding the requirements of SA 8000:2014.

— Planning, implementing and verifying the requirements of SA 8000:2014.

— Enabling management to adopt best practices to ensure Social Accountability and hence having sustainable business commitment.

Consultivo Academy brings to you the SA 8000 training programme to inspire excellence within you.

Each participant will be receiving a certificate by Consultivo Academy.

— An assessment of the competency improvement on SA 8000 Skills is also suggested after a certain time interval.

— It is recommended for the participants to go through an e-learning refresher course after one year.

Consultivo courses are equipped with Pre and Post course assessments (where applicable) to evaluate the learning effectiveness.

Trainers’ Profile: All Consultivo trainers are having 15-30 years of hand-on industry experiences backed up by relevant education and professional qualifications. They are also specially trained in the training skills and techniques and adult learning pedagogy.

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