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Presentation Skills Training Solutions

Be it online or in conventional mode, presentations can be difficult for many. Get the confidence and present effectively. And you will even have fun at the same time!

Presentation Skills Training course actually provides a Midas touch to your business communications. Be it online or onsite, this program will help you to communicate better, and it counts!

No matter in what profession are you in, it matters the way you present your ideas. Presenting yourself matters even if you are a student!

It’s practical and fun, with lots of tips for calming your nerves, developing your material and increasing your impact. We keep the group size small so that you get sufficient personal attention.

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Course Details

Presentation Skills Training Onsite and Online Courses

Course Duration

Three hour OELT (Online Expert Led Training): Module on Tech-enabled Presentation Skills in New Normal

Four hour OELT (Online Expert Led Training): Understanding and awareness level for beginners

One day: Presentation Skills – Foundation Course [Available both online and onsite]

Two days: Presentation Skills – Advance Course [Available both online and onsite]

For in-house training, course duration can also be chosen depending on the requirement, course coverage, and target participants.

Course Coverage

Our courses feature a unique learning approach that provides an individual knowledge & awareness building experience through an overview and basic knowledge of presentation skills.

Topics covered include:

— Knowing what you want to achieve and finding the right way of doing it
— Developing and communicating clear messages
— Understanding how best to inform and motivate your audience
— Gathering your material – keeping it simple and to the point; what to put in and what to leave out
— Structuring your presentation
— Tips to make your presentation lively and effective
— Handling nerves
— Developing your confidence
— The power of positive thinking
— Developing an upbeat personal presence- body language, dressing for success, voice projection
— Remote presentation through online platforms
— The courses can be tailor-made in terms of duration, level of detail, and according to company requirements.

Presentation Skills Training – Foundation Courses

The Foundation of the Presentation Skills training program deals with the fundamentals or basics that matter – Starting from the scratch!

Conquering stage fright

More than 50% of the world’s population have Glossophobia – fear of public speaking. So don’t worry about the stage frights. Here, you will learn the physical relaxation techniques and develop the confidence of speaking in public.

Keeping audience attention

You will learn how to capture and hold audience attention. (Voice modulation, pinch of humour, body language, use of notion)

Creating an effective presentation

It’s just not about speaking or informing. An effective presentation demands much more. Rules and tips for delivering an impactful presentation will be shared in our presentation training workshop. (From designing the presentation templates, content body to good practices of presentations)

Practice session: [Special Attraction]

Participants will get the opportunity to practice in front of the trainer to get the customised suggestions to improve and deliver an impactful presentation for life.

Presentation Skills Training – Advance Courses

The Advance level of the Presentation Skills training program is designed to help you hone your skills to master the art of presentation and communication.

Hands-on Session

Each of the participants would be getting practice session. You’ll be mentored and guided to identify and develop your unique style of presentation.

Psychological Interventions

Learn the psychological intervention techniques to create impacts while delivering not only a presentation but would be useful in every aspect of communication.

Trainer feedback

Each participant will receive an analysis of their presentations and improvement feedbacks.

Documentary Videos: [Special Attraction]

You’ll carry back your presentation videos for future practice and improvement.

Read more on How to improve the Presentation Skills featured in our blog

Online 4 hour Modules:

Beginners, teachers, professionals, new normal presenters, interns

Presentation Skills Training – Foundation Course

Recommended for: Managers, freshers, interns, students or anyone who is serious and willing to learn from the initial block of effective communication and impactful presentation.

Presentation Skills Training – The Advanced Course

Recommended for: People from all facets of professional careers including front line, mid-level, and senior managers, speakers, coaches, educators, counsellors, business consultants, human service professionals, business leaders, professors, teachers or anybody who is serious about effective communication, facilitating change, growth and leadership.

However, Consultivo Academy can design & develop this onsite or online Presentation Skills Training Program for any set of target participants as per the need of the organisation.

This is where business professionals convene. Here, you will do more than prepare for the next step in your career. You will develop the skills and confidence for impactful communication.

At the completion of this Onsite or Online Presentation Training, participants will be able to:

— Communicate with credibility and confidence
— Convey objectives and key issues of a message
— Understand the use of presentation slides to strengthen the message
— Communicate with impact

Successful Completion of the onsite or online courses on presentation skills earns you a Consultivo Academy Certificate, an industry-accepted & recognised safety programme based on proven best training practices.

Nationally/Internationally accepted certificates are issued by Consultivo Academy.

— An assessment of the competency improvement on Presentation Skills is also suggested after a certain time interval.

— It is recommended for the participants to go through an e-learning refresher course after one year.

Consultivo onsite or online presentation training courses are equipped with Pre and Post course assessments (where applicable) to evaluate the learning effectiveness.

Trainers’ Profile: All Consultivo trainers are having 15-30 years of hand-on industry experiences backed up by relevant education and professional qualifications. They are also specially trained in the training skills and techniques and adult learning pedagogy.

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