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Independent Communications, Disclosure and Reporting Solutions | Use our more than 10 years of global experience in sustainability – social, environmental, human rights and business ethics in particular. We work one-on-one with business & foundation leaders to develop their Sustainability Reports, Communications and Disclosures in various forms and formats.

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As one of the practicing ESG Consultants in India, we advise clients to create and improve their ESG investment strategies.

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GRI Reporting

We help organisations to report based on GRI standards & Sustainability Reporting Framework

environmental audit

ESG - Environmental, Social & Governance Reporting

We offer Independent ESG Reporting solutions including risk assessment, due diligence and impact assessment services.

Annual Environmental & Social Performance Reporting (AESPR)

An independent annual report generally submitted to the funder.

Equator Principles Reporting

We provide independent reporting based on a risk management framework adopted by financial institutions

Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting - BRSR

We help in disclosure of responsible business practices by a listed company to all its stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)

Disclosures & communication in line with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) best-in-class approach

CSR Reporting

We offer Independent CSR Reporting including baseline & impact assessment, monitoring & evaluation services.

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We’re recognized thought leaders in the space of ESG, Sustainability and Risk Management.

We have worked with

100+ Standards

(and have developed a few of them too)

Related Standards and Guidance Documents in Business and Human Right

UN Global Compact – Principle 1 to 6

GRI Standards – GRI 401 to 412

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

ETI Base Code

ILO Guidelines

ISO 30415:2021 Human resource management — Diversity and inclusion

SA 8000 Standard

BS 76005:2015, Valuing People – Diversity and Inclusion
and many more

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BRSR ESG Reporting Benchmarking Study
BRSR-ESG Gap Assessment Study 1

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Starter Plan

All that you need when you start your journey towards Sustainability

Discovery Session & Plan

Sessions with key management members to understand their need and purpose

Stakeholder Mapping & Materiality Assessment

Identifying Material issues for the organisation and their stakeholders

Gap assessment study

Conducting a gap assessment (As-Is-Status) with recommendations

Mapping of existing initiatives against requirements

Fire Safety Risk Management Scored Protocol

Sustainability Reporting

We prepare Sustainability Reports (Communication Report) for disclosure, transparency & communication

Hand-holding support to meet requirements

Our experienced subject matter experts (SME) help you to bridge the gaps

Improvement Plan

All that you need when you start your journey towards Sustainability

Discovery Session & Plan

Sessions with key management members to understand their need and purpose

Review of Materiality

Reviewing Material issues for the organisation and their stakeholders

Benchmarking with Industry Peers, Industry Leaders

Data based benchmarking study

Gap assessment study

Conducting a gap assessment (As-Is-Status) with recommendations

Sustainability Reporting as per National/International Standards

We prepare Sustainability Reports for disclosure, transparency & communication as per BRSR, GRI, SASB, TCFD, CDP etc.

Hand-holding support to meet requirements

Our experienced subject matter experts (SME) help you to bridge the gaps

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Explore our quick answers to your queries on Sustainability Reporting Consulting in India
A number of government and stock exchanges around the world have started demanding a structured and contentful Sustainability Reporting. Assuring that this data is available to the investing/funding community and the general public is a crucial step in encouraging the systematic adoption of sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability Reporting can help organizations to measure, understand and communicate their social, environmental and governance performance, and then set goals, and manage change more effectively. A Sustainability Report is the key platform for communicating non-financial performance and impacts – whether positive or negative.

In brief, stakeholders can find more data-driven business insights from a sustainability or esg report.

The value of the Sustainability reporting process is that it ensures organisations consider their impacts on critical social, community & sustainability issues, and enables them to be transparent about the risks and opportunities they face.

Stakeholders also play a crucial role in identifying these risks and opportunities for organisations, particularly those that are non-financial. This increased transparency leads to better decision making, which helps build and maintain trust in businesses and governments.

Sustainability reporting in India also helps to meet the SEBI requirement on Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) for top 1000 listed companies.

Sustainability reporting is a critical communications tool that helps your stakeholders like employees, investors, rating agencies, customers, statutory agencies, supply chain partners and community – understand your strategy, position, and performance on sustainability topics.

Transparency and disclosure about sustainability topics build credibility, informs decision-making, drives change, fosters improved performance and enables companies to create a sustainable future.

As a long time independent ESG and Sustainability Reporting Consultant, Consultivo has the expertise for preparing ESG report, Corporate Sustainability Report and Business Responsibility Report (BRR).

Yes. The GRI Standards relate to many other reporting frameworks and sustainability initiatives including SEBI BRSR Framework in India. GRI’s linkage documents are designed to highlight these connections and enable organisations to fulfill multiple reporting requirements.

The information collected for these disclosures allows companies to create a sustainability report based on the GRI Standards at the same time as complying with the SEBI BRSR Framework, without duplicating effort.

Indian situation:

Sustainability Reporting in India is governed by mandate as well as voluntary initiatives.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has mandated ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting requirements. India’s top 1,000 listed entities (by market capitalisation) will need to submit a Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR).

As one of the leading Sustainability Reporting Consultants in India, Consultivo supports organisations to prepare their Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR).

Organisations may adopt different steps for developing their sustainability reports. Each may vary substantially. However, the following are a few of the generic steps which are most common for many of the organisations.

  • Develop a reporting strategy and framework in line with your sustainability strategy, policy and initiatives
  • Identify, prioritise or engage with your stakeholders
  • Perform materiality assessment
  • Plan your sustainability data measurement and monitoring processes, systems and procedures
  • Develop integrated and/or sustainability reporting frameworks
  • Compile integrated and/or sustainability reports
  • Perform pre- readiness audits of your sustainability information
  • Communicate – your sustainability information disclosed in your integrated and/or sustainability reports

As a practicing ESG and Sustainability Reporting Consultant, Consultivo follows a robust and tested methodology for depeloping an effective sustainability communication.

  • Better reputation
    Expanding transparency and reporting positive contributions to society and environment are the two most important ways to build public trust in business.
  • Meeting the expectations of employees
    Employees are vital and primary stakeholders and they get more confidence through a sustainability report. This results in increased employee retention and loyalty which ultimately leads to better performances.
  • Improved access to capital
    Reporting firms gain more confidence from investors.
  • Increased efficiency and waste reduction
    Reporting results in better governance, monitoring and control. This, in turn, make organisations’ decision-making processes more efficient and in the process reduce waste which leads to huge cost savings.

As one of the practicing ESG and Sustainability Reporting Companies, Consultivo helps organisations to identify, measure, and improve their sustainable development performances.

Consultivo is an independent Sustainability Consulting firm, helping you to manage your evolving ESG and Sustainability Risks, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility requirements effectively.

Apart from Sustainability Reporting activities, we offer full range of solutions in the areas of ESG Consulting, CSR Consulting, Social Survey, Environmental Consultancies, Ethical Supply Chain Management, Safety Consulting, Business and Human Rights Consulting through audit, advisory, research and training practices.

As an ESG and Sustainability Reporting Consultant, Consultivo can assist you throughout all stages of the reporting, communication, data visualization process namely from the strategic analysis to the reporting and disclosure of the information presented to the various stakeholders of your organisation.

We advise clients to develop transparent disclosures of their sustainability strategy, outcome and their impact on society. We help you to respond to stakeholder engagement, increasing pressure to perform well in societal issues.

We also help you to present your sustainability report to communicate the organization’s values and governance model and demonstrate the link between the strategy and your commitment to societal benefits.

We offer a complete range of support to develop your sustainability report right from the data collection & verification plan, survey, analysis, interpretation and communications.

Our sustainability reporting consultant team has rich experience in social issues, community development, GHG Footprint and sustainability practices. We work with global codes, standards and guidelines especially GRI Standards, ISO 26000, CSR Legal requirements in India, National Voluntary Guidelines, Stock Exchange Requirements like SEBI BRSR, IFC Guidelines etc.

As a practicing Independent ESG & Sustainability Reporting Consultant in India, Consultivo enables organisations to communicate their sustainability insights to their stakeholders.

It covers impacts of a wide range of societal & environmental issues, enabling them to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities they face.

We help you to develop and publish a report: a unique and adaptive reporting solution that facilitates organisational data collection and consolidation and communications.

Well-composed public disclosure communication in the form of sustainability reporting provides investors and stakeholders with a clear understanding of a company’s approach, goals, and performance on the social and environmental issues most material to their business.

Consultivo’s specialisation in providing clients with Sustainability-related service offerings comes based on its high level of experience and thought leadership, both within the Indian context and global standards and practices. We work with more than 100 global and national sustainability standards and statutory requirements.

As one of the leading ESG and Sustainability Reporting Consultant, our focus is on providing our clients with service offerings that are tailored to your requirements based on the demography, sector, and company-specific issues.

The principles, standards, guidelines, methodologies and tools used to provide these services are globally accepted, tested over time, and are updated on a continual stakeholder feedback process.

Companies are under constant scrutiny by numerous stakeholders on various aspects of their performance. Some of them are already informing stakeholders about their sustainability strategy and performance.

Non-financial aspects of corporate performance are key differentiators among competitors and finding a structured way to present this information is becoming a top priority for most of the companies.


  • Design of reporting framework
  • Coverage of material issues related to social & community and their governance, performance & impacts on society
  • Data collection, value mapping, analytics
  • Interpretation


  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Developing engaging online & offline reporting
  • Making the report relevant, easy to navigate, clear and concise
  • Data visualisation through infographics, graphs & charts and pictures
  • Professional and easy to understand quality language

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