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SROI – Social Return on Investment

Quantified Impact Assessment for CSR and Development Projects

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Independent SROI Consultants & Consulting Solutions: Use more than 10 years of our global consulting experience in Social Issues, Community, CSR and Sustainability. We work one-on-one with business leaders, foundations, NGOs and Implementation Bodies to develop their Social Return on InvestmentSROI Reports and Communications.

SROI enables organisations to consider their impacts of a wide range of societal issues in a quantified financial term, enabling them to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities they face.


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SROI – Social Return On Investment – Evaluation & Reporting

Social Return On Investment or SROI Consultancy scope includes

  • Establishing scope and identifying key stakeholders
  • Mapping outcomes
  • Evidencing outcomes and giving them a value
  • Establishing impact
  • Calculating the SROI
  • Reporting and communications

Being one of the practising SROI Consultants in India, we customise our services in line with your requirements.

There is increasing recognition that we need better ways to account for the Social ROI or SROI. It includes social, economic and environmental value that results from the impact investment or CSR or Development activities. The language varies – ‘impact’, ‘output’, ‘outcome’, ‘returns’, ‘benefit’, ‘value’ – but the questions around what sort of difference and how much of a difference we are making are the same.

Understanding and managing this broader value is becoming increasingly important for the corporate, public sector, government, funders, impact investors and civil society organisations. They actually need to create social value, commonly known as SROI or Social ROI. Social Return on Investment ensures that their investments make a positive difference.

Social ROI or SROI can fine-tune the understanding of the impacts that are achieved and help to improve your performance, particularly the exposed areas in which you can do more.

Social ROI or SROI is about value, rather than money.

Money is simply a common unit and as such is a useful and widely accepted way of conveying value.

Curiosity zone

Social Return on Investment or Social ROI or SROI

It is a method of accounting for value creation, primarily social or sustainable development value. SROI enables organisations to measure how much change is being created by tracking relevant social, environmental, and economic outcomes.

The key difference between Social ROI and other Social Impact Assessment methodologies is the assignation of monetary values to the amount of change created.

To give a very simplistic example: SROI assigns a monetary value to inputs and outcomes and uses that value to calculate a ratio. If that ratio is 3:1, it means that every Rupee allocated will generate (or has generated) social value worth three rupees.

Social Return on Investment evaluation projects are part of an Independent CSR Impact Assessment Projects.

An SROI analysis can take many different forms. It can encompass the social value generated by an entire organisation, or focus on just one specific aspect of the organisation’s work. There are also a number of ways to organise the ‘doing’ of an SROI or Social Return on Investment. It can be carried out largely as an in-house exercise or, alternatively, can be led by an external researcher.

There are two types of Social ROI

  • Evaluative, which is conducted retrospectively and based on actual outcomes that have already taken place.
  • Forecast, which predicts how much social value will be created if the activities meet their intended outcomes.

Social Return on Investment evaluation projects are part of an Independent CSR Impact Assessment Projects.

Consultivo is an independent external SROI Consultant with a credential of many social impact and CSR Imapct Assessment and SROI projects in different locations, industry segments and thematic areas.

Our Social ROI or SROI Consulting services offer unbiased evaluation without any conflict of interest and authentic insights about your social and development projects.

As one of the practicing ESG and sustainability consultants, Consultivo offers comprehensive social and sustainability consultancy support to organisations in meeting the growing risk management requirements.

An independent external SROI Consultant brings the following values:

  1. Unbiased and free from commercial interest analysis outcome for the project(s)
  2. Expertise in the field of survey, data capturing, data cleaning, data analysis and interpretation
  3. Experience from different other types of industries, geographical regions and thematic sectors
  4. Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

Apart from being one of the leading CSR Consulting and Independent CSR Impact Assessment company, Consultivo as a practicing Social ROI or SROI Consulting firm specializes in thematic knowledge, data mining, data visualization and strategic communications.

CSR Consulting Solutions to create socially inclusive & impactful CSR, Impact Investment & Development projects

CSR Consultancy

How Consultivo SROI Consulting Solutions are unique?

We are in close collaboration with the funding and investment bodies for development projects. Our SROI Consultants have worked with multidimensional projects in different geo-locations & gained a fair understanding of different social projects and their impacts.

That reflects in our work.

Our in-house expertise in sustainability communications ensures transparency in disclosures along with engaging data visualisation.

We work with 100+ Global Sustainability Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. CSR Consulting helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Consulting Impact Development Consultancy Standards | CSR ESG

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CSR Impact Assessment and Social Return On Investment SROIConsultants in India


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