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Use our more than 10 years of global experience in Social Issues, Community, CSR and Sustainability. We work one-on-one with business leaders, foundations, NGOs and Implementation Bodies to bring insights to their projects and business with our Social and Socio Economic Survey & Research.

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Social Survey – Socio-economic Survey – Socio-Economic Study | A social survey or socio economic survey enables organisations to consider the realities and insights of a wide range of societal issues. It is done through a statistically validated set of data and information, enabling them to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities they face.

There is increasing recognition that we need better ways to account for the social, economic and environmental that drive our project activities.

Understanding the effects of policies, projects, and programmes on individuals, communities, societies and service users have become a central element of the project life cycle. More than ever before, the evidence underpinning the decision-making process is an essential element of project development.

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Solutions in Social and Socio-Economic Survey – Research – Study


Our independent strategic research activities generally cover the following:

  • Designing the study parameters based on research objectives and Terms of reference
  • Secondary research
  • Drafting Questionnaires including translation and Interpretation where required
  • Developing data collection modes
  • Pilot run and validation
  • Training and calibration of the enumerators
  • Checks and balances throughout the survey like GPS Coordinate, time duration, random audio recording, real-time quality checks etc.
  • Random verification by team leaders
  • Use of secondary data from authentic sources
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Analysis and interpretation
  • Data Security and archival
  • Report & Communications
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We work with 100+ Global Sustainability Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. CSR Consulting helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

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How Consultivo Social Survey and Socio Economic Survey Solutions are unique?

We are in close collaboration with the funding and investment bodies for development projects with a fair understanding of the community, their interests and the material issues. Moreover, we work with more than 100 global and national social and sustainability standards and statutory requirements.

This exposure and experience have enabled us to understand the social and socio-economic issues better. That reflects in our work.

  • Human Resource

A team of professionals and field experts backed up by academy supports, who focus on Quality Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation. Our experts lead the team of enumerators on the field for any Socio-economic study and they are backed up with updated research tools to conduct Survey and Research.

  • Data Quality

We ensure comprehensive data as per the client’s requirements, regardless of challenging geographical and social conditions. We use various validated qualitative and quantitative research tools to come up with more accurate results.

Consultivo strategic research methodologies are scientific and statistical method based, time tested, validated through more than 500 projects across multiple geographic and cultural regions.

We use software-driven statistical and econometric analysis of the data for bringing insights out.

  • Communications and Reporting Capability

Our in house communications team is capable of delivering world-class reports with strategic & transparent disclosures, and data visualisation with charts, graphs, infographics and pictures. Use of professional quality and easy to understand language adds value to the stakeholders.

  • Reach

We work across the Indian subcontinent in multiple sectors and on multiple socio economic issues. We have rich experience in different states of India, its neighbouring countries with availability of multilingual enumerators.

How can we help?

We advise clients to plan and execute social surveys, socio-economic study and research projects.

We also help you to present your social survey or socio economic survey report to communicate the organization’s values and governance model and demonstrate the link between the strategy and your commitment to societal benefits.

We offer a complete range of services in Social survey and socio economic surveys covering the research plan, questionnaire preparation, data collection & verification, field surveys, interviews, focus group discussions, analysis, interpretation and communications.

We have expertise in research design, implementation, analysis and reporting.

For every research study, we devise a new survey design and a new methodology aligned with the research objectives.

Curiosity Zone – Social and Socio Economic Survey

There are several socio-economic aspects which are important to be considered while planning/designing a project. Few are listed here:

  • How does it affect service users or the wider community?
  • What are known social, economic or community challenges such as deprivation, health, regeneration, equality or community resources?
  • To what extent the engagement with different sections of society is important?
  • How does the implementation affect different sections of society differently?

Few of the areas of application, where social and Socio-economic study or surveys are used:

Our team specialize in a number of disciplines across a range of sectors, working with public & private clients, foundations, civil society organizations, industry associations in India to understand the socio-economic effects of their programs on the wider community. They have rich experience in social issues, community development and sustainability practices.

They regularly work with global codes, standards and guidelines especially GRI Standards, ISO 26000, Legal requirements, National Voluntary Guidelines, Stock Exchange Requirements like BRSR, IFC Guidelines etc.

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