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Consultivo conducts evaluation on behalf of organisations and project proponents as part of their due diligence around investments, mergers and acquisitions. Our EHS due diligence (EHSDD) & Environmental Due-diligence (EDD) audit service in India identifies the potential & existing EHS risks or hazards associated with the activities or project.

We have completed over 1,000 Environment Health and Safety audits and provided EHS compliance assistance around the world. Our projects range from compliance audits to international due diligence, comprehensive EHS auditing to large scale reviews and environmental assessment.

We identify and prioritize current, contingent, and future EHS and sustainability exposures leading to unexpected liabilities.

What will you get – the outcome

Upon completion of the EHS or Environmental due diligence process, a detailed report is prepared by the Consultivo auditors. The report content generally includes:

  •  Executive summary including graphical performance indicators
  •  Compliance status against EHS statutory and regulatory requirements through a detailed Environment Health and Safety Audit
  •  Visualization of collected data
  •  identification of areas of potential concern & recommendations for the improvement of the EHS performance
  •  Recommendations for future investigations including estimated costs and required by law implementation deadlines
  •  Overall summary of site EHS performance including strengths and areas for improvement.
  •  Comprehensive and segmental quantified rating/scoring (applicable for protocol assessment)
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EHS Due Diligence

  •  characterize a target entity (site/operation/business) sufficiently in terms of environmental aspects, Occupational Health & Safety hazards, and
  •  communicate risks or liabilities that are material to the buyer or investor

The main goal of our EHS due diligence in India is to provide a full picture of what our customers are acquiring.

  • Potential subsurface risks (Phase I ESA) as defined by ASTM standard E1527 focusing mostly of soil and groundwater quality issues
  • Operational risks include compliance issues associated with regulations applicable to an operation
  •  Infrastructure risks like any contamination issues connected with buildings, utilities, or other structures
  •  EHS Governance related risks

We work with global codes, standards and guidelines especially IFC Performance Standards (IFC PS), ISO 14015, World Bank EHS Guidelines, ASTM standards, GRI Standards, Legal requirements in India.

The level of entity characterization and quantification depends on the buyer/investor’s requirements.


Environmental Due Diligence – EDD

Environmental Due Diligence Audit Service or EDD of Consultivo identifies the existing & potential environmental risks or hazards associated with the facility or projects in India. Consultivo conducts evaluation on behalf of organisations and project proponents, as part of their due diligence around investments, mergers and acquisitions.

EHS Audit

EHS Audits are focused assessment & review of the EHS management systems, EHS performances and statutory, regulatory, obligatory requirements applicable to the organisation.

We offer two types of EHS Audits:

Comprehensive EHS Audits

 EHS Compliance Audits