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Use our 12+ years of CSR Strategy consulting experience in guiding business & foundation leaders. We help them to define Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The right strategy will enable you to align your CSR projects with your business objectives.

Our multi-sector expertise in advisory powers the development of your CSR strategy & policy.

IFC (World Bank Group) Approved Independent Consultant

12+ years of experience in India and across the globe

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The framework for CSR Strategy

CSR strategy refers to what the company expects to achieve in the next three to five years and incorporates the vision, mission and goals on a broader level. It also entails how it plans to achieve these in terms of organisation and approach.

An effective Corporate Social Responsibility strategy should articulate:

  • Stakeholder mapping and material issues
  • Who it wishes to address – the target group
  • Where it wishes to work – the geography
  • Beneficiaries
  • What sectors or issues it wishes to address – the development area(s) that the company wishes to focus on; typically, health, education, livelihood, environment, and so on.
  • Alignment with legal requirements as well as benefits available in Income Tax Act
  • KPIs

Consultivo being a CSR Strategy Consulting firm, helps organisations to develop & implement their strategy & policy.

The need to have a CSR Strategy

The fundamental problem with CSR practice is that many companies usually don’t have a CSR strategy, but rather numerous disparate CSR programs and initiatives.

Every corporation should have a CSR strategy that unifies the diverse range of a company’s legal obligations, stakeholders’ materiality, philanthropic giving, societal needs, supply chain security, “cause” marketing, and system level initiatives all under one umbrella.

The CSR committee is the process owner for developing a suitable strategy for the organisation.

The Companies Act, 2013 requires every company to put out its Corporate Social Responsibility policy in the public domain. A CSR policy refers to what the company expects to achieve over the next year. In India, this is aligned with the requirements of the Companies Act.

Since most of the development requires long-term commitments and their impact often takes a while to accrue, good practice requires a company to develop a long-term (three to five years) vision and strategy which is reviewed annually and the activities and budgets are planned on an annual basis.

Inputs for developing a CSR Strategy

  • Guidance from the board
  • Companies Act requirements
  • Corporate business strategy, plan and supply chain requirements
  • Development priorities: both, national and wherever the company has business interests
  • Need or baseline assessment data
  • The 10 principles of the UN global compact
  • UN guiding principles on business and human rights
  • ILO tri-partite declaration of principles on multinational enterprises and social policy
  • OECD
  • Clause 135, Indian Companies Act, 2013
  • NVG
  • ISO 26000
  • Sustainable Development Goals

CSR Strategy Consulting

With the 12+ years of extensive experience in CSR Strategy Consulting & development, we help organisations to develop their CSR strategy, policy in in a systematic way. The Strategy development is being dome through structured stakeholder mapping, materiality assessment.

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We’ve worked with 100+ Global Sustainability Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. CSR Consulting helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

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CSR Reporting Corporate Social Responsibility

Impact – CSR Reporting

We prepared well composed annual CSR Reports addressing material issues. It helped them to demonstrate transparency and communicate their social performance.

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