Thermography | Infrared Thermographic Test

Thermography Test for Electrical Panels and Equipment To ensure Electrical Safety, Prevention of Fire and Operational Continuity. 

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Thermographic Test or Thermography Test Services

Thermographic Test or Thermography Test Services for your Electrical Panels and Systems helps you to manage your electrical and fire safety risks. Thermographic test or electrical thermography or thermal imaging is the technique that uses an infrared imaging and measurement camera to “see” and “measure” invisible infrared energy being emitted from an object.

The objective of a thermographic survey is to identify abnormally high temperatures within electrical distribution systems.

Thermography Test & Interpretation

Our Thermography Services ensure safety related to humans, the safety of equipment and workplace. The Delta T (temperature difference) criteria to evaluate the temperature severity of an exception. The Delta T recommended actions are mentioned below:

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Thermography Test For Electrical Panels – Approach & Methodology

Our Thermography Services are delivered in line with a robust methodology. It includes:

  •  Pre-Audit Meeting (opening meeting) with electrical maintenance team and related departments, identification of the target electrical equipment, installations and systems to define the scope of the audit such as Incoming supply receiving section, main sub-station, electrical equipment installed in various process sections, cabling, earthing system
  • On-site electrical thermography applications on the selected spots and equipment to identify hazards as per the scope of the audit
  •  Discussion with Safety and Electrical personnel and sharing information of hotspot observed during thermography.
  •  Submission of draft Thermographic test report to the client containing Risk Based findings and observations with thermal imaging and recommendations
  •  Receiving inputs from the client on the draft report
  • Submission of final electrical thermography test report

THERMOGRAPHY at a glance

A thermal imaging technique that is used to measure invisible infrared energy being emitted from an object

A loss prevention tool – supports comprehensive electrical & fire safety audit

To identify and document exceptions (abnormally high temperatures) within electrical distribution systems and/or rotating equipment.

Delta T (temperature difference) criteria is commonly used to rate the temperature severity of electrical and mechanical system exceptions.

Electrical systems
Deteriorated connections, short circuits, overloads, load imbalances, faulty or improperly installed components.

Rotating equipment
Friction due to improper lubrication, misalignment, wom components or mechanical loading anomalies

Infrared thermal imaging systems with spectral range from 2 to 14 um and minimum resolvable temperature difference (MRTD) of 0.3°C or less at 20°C.

A spot radiometer or non- imaging line scanner is not sufficient.

Preferably an electrical engineer with certified Thermographer’ qualification and competence



  • Helps to evaluate temperature severity objectively
  • Identifies possibilities of electrical fire
  • ensures safety to humans, equipment & workplace