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Thermographic Test or Thermography Test Services for your Electrical Panels and Systems helps you to manage your electrical and fire safety risks. Thermographic test or electrical thermography or thermal imaging is the technique that uses an infrared imaging and measurement camera to “see” and “measure” invisible infrared energy being emitted from an object.

The objective of a thermographic survey is to identify abnormally high temperatures within electrical distribution systems.

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Thermography Test & Interpretation

Our Thermography Services ensure safety related to humans, the safety of equipment and workplace. The Delta T (temperature difference) criteria to evaluate the temperature severity of an exception. The Delta T recommended actions are mentioned below:

Consultivo thermography test electrical paneldeltaT

Thermographic test thermography electrical panels
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Infrared Thermography for Industrial Applications

Infrared or IR Thermal imaging is an extremely useful tool for electrical safety through electrical panel thermography. It requires no contact being made with the components which means that the components can be checked in a live state, there is no effect on the components or interruption in any processes the electrical system may be controlling.

Thermography Test For Electrical Panels – Approach & Methodology

Our Thermography Services are delivered in line with a robust methodology. It includes:

  • Pre-Audit Meeting (opening meeting) with management and all concerned departments, identification of the target electrical equipment, installations and systems to define the scope of the audit such as Incoming supply receiving section, main sub-station, electrical equipment installed in various process sections, cabling, earthing system
  • On-site electrical thermography applications on the selected spots and equipment to identify hazards as per the scope of the audit
  • Discussion with Safety and Electrical personnel and sharing information of hotspot observed during thermography.
  • Submission of draft Thermographic test report to the client containing Risk Based findings and observations with thermal imaging and recommendations
  • Receiving inputs from the client on the draft report
  • Submission of final electrical thermography test report

Instruments used for Thermography Services

Thermal Imaging Camera, Make FLIR, Model E60

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Standards Used for Thermography Test for Electrical Panels

  • NFPA – 70B
  • National Electrical and Testing Association (NETA)

Find out more in NFPA

Thermography Operator | Competence & Qualifications

An electrical engineer and certified ITC (Infrared Training Center) ‘Thermographer’

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and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. Our extensive and decade long Safety Advisory experience helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

Curiosity Zone – Thermographic Test

Electrical faults can lead to breakdowns and the potential for fire hazards.

In both cases, the losses due to downtime and repair costs can become costly. Electrical equipment can suffer from numerous faults which will show an increase in temperature. Few of the causes could be:

  • Corroded or loose connections
  • Imbalanced Loads
  • Using underrated equipment or overloading equipment
  • Insulation Damage, Incorrect voltage
  • Blocked or poorly ventilated equipment
  • Deterioration due to age
  • Exceeding the recommended temperature rating

Thermographic Tests support Electrical Safety Audits with data based evidences.

As one of the leading OHS Consultancy Agency in India and it’s neighboring countries, Consultivo provides independent and unbiased industry specific solutions in the areas of Hazardous Area Classification, Fire Safety Audit, Electrical Safety Audit, Electrical and Fire Safety Audit, Warehouse Safety, Safety Legal Compliance and many more.

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Frequency of Thermographic Test or Thermography Test for Electrical Panels – Thermal Imaging

The frequency of Thermographic tests for electrical panels varies depending on various conditions. A few of them are listed below:

  • When environmental conditions are influential like wet and humid weather, corrosive condition
  • Frequent failure due to temperature rise in certain nodes

For all practical purposes, Thermal imaging for all your electrical panels and related systems should be carried out every 12 months and more frequently if deemed so. In fact, many times, it has become a prerequisite for insurance renewals (which is yearly).


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