Fire Risk Assessment: Improving Safety at CBM Gas Gathering Stations

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A large energy company operating Gas Gathering Stations (GGS) faced potential fire hazards due to its operations involving Coal Bed Methane (CBM). Ensuring optimal safety for employees, community and equipment necessitated a comprehensive fire risk assessment.


Consultivo conducted a detailed fire risk assessment covering:

  • Hazard identification: Assessing fire risks and severity based on relevant OISD standards and Oil Mines regulations.
  • Fire protection and detection system evaluation: Analysing the effectiveness of existing firefighting equipment, firewater network, and alarm/detection systems.
  • Process review: Understanding the CBM receiving, dehydration, compression, and flaring processes to identify potential risk areas.
  • Emergency response system analysis: Reviewing the existing Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for adequacy.
  • Training and awareness evaluation: Assessing the effectiveness of employee training and safety awareness programs.


The assessment identified key areas for improvement, including:

  • Electrical upgrade: Installing flameproof/intrinsically safe fittings in Zone-1 areas.
  • Hydrocarbon detector installation: Equipping the Gas Generator Shed with hydrocarbon detectors.
  • Hot work permit review: Updating procedures for activities like chipping, grinding, and drilling as per OISD-105 standards.
  • Operation Manual and HIRA document update: Revising these documents to reflect new installations and processes.
  • Fire Fighting system enhancement: Installing additional water monitors, replacing MVWS system with deluge system in compressor and process areas, and ensuring automatic operation of fire water pumps.
  • Emergency preparedness improvements: Creating fire emergency/fire protection manuals, installing manual call points and sirens, and training employees on firefighting and work permit systems.
  • Additional safety measures: Implementing full-sleeve cotton clothing policy, integrating fire alarm/detector displays with SCADA, and exploring water seal arrangement over drains.

Standards Adherence

The assessment and recommendations adhered to strict fire safety standards, including OISD standards and Oil Mines regulations, ensuring compliance and minimising legal risks.

Value Created for the customer

  • Enhanced safety: Identified and mitigated fire risks, creating a safer environment for employees and equipment.
  • Improved compliance: Achieved compliance with relevant safety regulations.
  • Reduced potential losses: Mitigated fire risks, minimising potential damage to property and operations.
  • Increased confidence: Provided the company with a clear roadmap for improving fire safety and emergency preparedness, fostering confidence in their operations.

Lessons Learned

  • Collaboration is key: Close collaboration between Consultivo and the customer officials ensured the assessment addressed specific needs and concerns.
  • Tailored solutions are essential: A one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work. The assessment focused on customer’s specific processes and equipment.
  • Continuous improvement is crucial: Regular fire risk assessments and updates to safety procedures are vital for maintaining optimal safety levels.

This fire risk assessment demonstrates how a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating fire risks can significantly enhance safety and preparedness in a facility like Gas Gathering Stations.

By adhering to strict standards and implementing tailored solutions, Consultivo helped the energy organisation create a safer environment for its employees and operations while minimising potential losses and boosting confidence in their safety measures.

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