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Environmental Social Impact Assessment assess the potential environmental and social impacts of a project to identify mitigation measures and expert recommendations. They represent priority information for shareholders.

With an experienced resource pool, Consultivo specializes in ESIA & ESG reporting projects like compliance review, data handling advisory, report preparation and effective communications.

Benefits – ESIA

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

  • Socio-Economic Development
  • Natural resource Conservation
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Identification of risks
  • Evaluation of the impacts
  • Mitigation of impacts
  • Economic benefit
  • Overall societal benefit


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Environment & Social Impact Assessment or ESIA refers to a review of a potential impact of a project to be taken up by a concern. As an ESIA expert firm, we have a robust methodology to assess the environmental implications (including Socio economic) that may results from the implementation of policy plans & development projects. The results of ESIA are embodied in an environmental impact Statement.

In sum, ESIA includes:

  •  Assessment of existing environmental & social status.
  •  Analysis of various elements of the ecosystems like trees, ponds, wildlife etc.
  •  Analysis of the adverse impacts of the project.
  •  Impact of the project on the community (people) in the neighborhood that is the socio economic impact.
What will you get – the outcome

Upon completion of the Environmental due diligence process, a detailed report is prepared by the Consultivo auditors. The report content generally includes:

  •  Executive summary
  •  Review the environmental permitting situation of the assets
  •  Any material compliance issue against applicable legal requirements (current and fore-coming)
  •  Significant environmental liability issue(s) associated with the assets
  •  Review the adequacy of the Environmental Management System
  •  Any environmental constraint (e.g. protected areas, known biodiversity issues, local opposition) that may affect the pursuit or the mining concession and any future development
  •  Assess any liability and risks associated with purchased and mined raw materials, additives and products to market
  • Recommendations for future investigations including estimated costs and required by law implementation deadlines
  • Overall summary of site environmental performance including strengths and areas for improvement.
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We work with 100+ Global Sustainability Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Environmental Protection, Safety, Social Accountability & Business Ethics. Extensive and decade long Sustainability Advisory exposures helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

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