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Fire and Electrical Safety Audit Consulting Company

Fire and Electrical Safety Audits help organisations to identify & control both Fire and Electrical Safety Hazards together. They are actually interrelated in many aspects.

Electrical and Fire Safety hazards are increasingly posing higher risks to people and property in industries, buildings, warehouses & facilities across the world. The risk and impact in the form of fire & explosion, burn, injury, shocks, financial and brand reputation loss are high.

A comprehensive Risk-Based Fire and Electrical Safety Audit helps to manage your Fire and Electrical hazards together; and hazards which are most of the time closely related to each other.

Electrical and Fire Safety audit of any plant, unit, warehouse, facility or building provides a consolidated risk perspective to the management and their unified mitigation measures.

Very specific subject matter experts (SME) with education, knowledge and experience in the field of fire & life safety as well as electrical safety are used to conduct these audits.

These audits are conducted against Consultivo’s proprietary scored assessment protocol ‘protoSafe’ which has been developed based on

Country-specific legal requirements

  •  National & international codes and standards of fire and electrical safety
  •  Good Industry Practices (GIP)
  • ProtoSafe is customised for industry sectors like general manufacturing, mining, metal, oil & gas, hospitals, high-rise buildings, warehouses, shopping malls etc.

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Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety related risks pose the 3rd most significant threat to businesses in India. The occurrence of fire has the potential to cause severe damage to both life & property.

Prevention, protection and firefighting in commercial & industrial locations are quite challenging. It adds cost.

Our comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Solutions will support you designing your Fire Management System optimally and prevent losses.


Electrical Safety Solutions

Electrical Safety hazards are increasingly posing higher risks in the industry and workplace.

Being one of the practicing consultants, we help organisations to design precautions in line with electrical safety standards and rules to prevent loss in the form of shocks, burns, injury, fire and explosion.

Our comprehensive Electrical Safety Solutions help you to design a robust electrical safety system.

Other solutions in Fire and Electrical Safety Audit

Reduce workplace risks and create safer working environments.
Nearly 40% of Electrical accidents have resulted into fatality indicating its potential of severity

With an increase in reported fire and electrical incidents leading to injuries, deaths & business disruptions has become an area of concern for all types of organisations.

Thus, fire & electrical safety issues demand much higher attention, awareness and loss control measures.

Be safe!

  •  Hazardous industries like Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical etc.
  •  Manufacturing units
  •  Office buildings
  •  Warehouses
  •  Service sectors like IT Hubs/Data Centres, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Institutes
    Housing & colonies

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The internationally reputed company is a major construction, mining and power solutions provider with more than 25 locations in India. Their major challenge was working with multiple standards and legal requirements of different stakeholders.

We started with the development of an inhouse standard and guideline which was implemented across the locations.

We customized our scored assessment protocol ‘Protosafe’ as per their requirements and developed a three year plan. The safety performance scorecard provided the required guidelines to the management for improvement. Our recommendations facilitated the actions.
A definite positive trend of improvements observed in the subsequent years.


Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

Consultivo ProtoSafe, IS 14489, Indian Legal Requirements, ISO 45001


Construction, power, heavy equipment and services

25 Locations across India

4000+ workpersons

Since 2018

Project ongoing till April 2023.

An international automotive manufacturer intended to reduce the OHS risks across the value chain – dealers/workshops. We created a customized OHS audit protocol keeping the focus on the relevant potential hazards and risks. The outcome includes analytics, scoring, benchmarking among the entities.
The project is ongoing for 1200+ units across India.


Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

Consultivo ProtoSafe, IS 14489, Indian Legal Requirements, ISO 45001



1200+ units

A large Naphtha Based Petrochemical Complex needed statutory safety audit as per IS 14489 standard. This audit was intended for meeting compliance and finding out potential risks from an independent expert perspective.

Consultivo was selected after a rigorous technical evaluation process which was focused on the quality of experience and expertise of both the organization as well as the auditors. The team was carefully chosen with diversified expertise in General Safety, Fire Safety, Process Safety and Electrical Safety with adequate Oil & Gas (Refinery & Petrochemical) experience.

The audit was conducted as per IS 14489:2018 standard and a detailed report was submitted with specific gaps, risks and recommendations.

Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

Consultivo ProtoSafe, IS 14489, Indian Legal Requirements, ISO 45001


Construction, power, heavy equipment and services

One Location with Naptha Cracker Unit and 12 Associated Plants

Captive Power Plant

Pipeline to Jetty

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Some more answers to your questions – FAQ

  •  To identify the fire & electrical hazards in the workplace and facility in a systematic way
  •  Develop a loss prevention strategy by using national and international standards and the PDCA framework for planning, implementation, maintenance & improvement of the fire & electrical safety system
  •  Manage fire & electrical safety risks through a comprehensive risk management program
  • Building the foundation of a more robust HSE system

As a practicing Safety Consulting Firm in India and it’s neighboring countries, Consultivo provides independent and unbiased industry specific solutions in the areas of Hazardous Area Classification, Fire and Life Safety Audit, Electrical Safety Audit, Warehouse Safety, Thermography Study, OHS Legal Compliance, External Safety Audit and many more.

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Every kind of entity, be it a large hazardous industry or a small service unit, electrical safety is one of the fundamental requirements for their loss prevention strategy. Even, it is very important for our home. Few of the entities are mentioned below:

  •  Manufacturing unit
  •  Hazardous organisations
  •  Office buildings
  •  Warehouses
  •  Service sectors like IT hubs/data centers, hospitals, hotels, educational institutes
  •  Housing & colonies, high rise buildings, commercial buildings

It is applicable for organisations of all sizes and types.

Electrical safety precautions become so much important to reduce injuries and deaths associated with the use of electricity. Electric Safety has become an area of concern for all types of industries.

Nearly 40% of electrical accidents have resulted in fatality indicating its potential of severity.

As one of the practicing Safety Consultancy Services in India and it’s neighboring countries, Consultivo provides independent and unbiased industry specific solutions.

A checklist is a ready available guideline which helps a person or organisation to ensure multiple electrical safety precautions are taken against different hazards.

Safety of a electrical system comprises of many complex methods, electrical safety precautions and controls. They generally are in line with multiple electrical safety standards and legal requirements. A shop floor person, it is very challenging to understand, remember and comply with so many technical and system requirements.

So, it is advisable to develop a site hazard specific checklist to facilitate the effective implementation of electric related risk management.

Download an Electrical Safety Audit Checklist for self assessment.

Lightning Risk Assessment Study is actually the measure of the risk of a lightning strike and the probability of damages. It assesses the lightening risks to the facility according to international standards requirements. The calculations are based on several Electrical Safety Standards like IEC Standard 62305-2.

In the risk management approach, the lightning threats that create risk are identified, the frequencies of all risk events are estimated, the consequences of the risk events are determined, and if these are above a tolerable level of risk, protection measures are applied to reduce the risk (R) to below the tolerable level (Ra). This involves a choice from a range of protection level efficiencies for protection against direct (d) strikes to the structure and decisions about the extent of other measures for protecting low-voltage and electronic equipment against indirect (i) lightning stresses incident from nearby strikes.

As one of the practicing Electrical Safety Consulting Firms in India and it’s neighboring countries, Consultivo provides independent and unbiased industry specific solutions.

Arc Flash is a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy caused by an electric arc. The temperature can reach 19500 degree C. Fatal burns can occur at distances over 10 ft. and sound associated with these pressures can exceed 160 dB.

Arc Flash Study scope includes –

  •  Determination of the risk of personal injury as a result of exposure to incident energy from an electrical arc flash
  •  Determination of the incident energy evolved, safe flash protection boundary and PPE requirements as a function of location and work activity
  •  To provide designers and facility operators to apply in determining the electrical safety precautions like arc-flash hazard distance and the incident energy to which employees could be exposed during their work on or near electrical equipment

As one of the practicing Electrical Safety Consultants in India and it’s neighboring countries, Consultivo provides independent and unbiased industry specific solutions.

Harmonics are AC Voltages and Currents with frequencies with integral multiples of the fundamental frequency. Most of the times, industrial load non-linear which generates harmonics. Harmonics arise from inverters, VFDs, rectifiers, voltage controllers, frequency controllers and other semiconductor switching devices generators, transformers, welders and arc furnaces.

Harmonic Study Analysis is a proactive way to safeguard electrical and electronic equipment from damage due to a rise in harmonic levels.
The study identifies harmonic sources, recommend ways to protect the equipment from power related problems and ensures safety against loss and interruptions.

As one of the practicing Electrical Safety Consultants in India and it’s neighbouring countries, Consultivo provides independent and unbiased industry specific solutions.

The objective to carry out Infrared scanning (Thermography) to detect hot spot in the Electrical System & to analyse the hot spots as per different Electrical Safety Standards like NFPA & NETA.

General coverage of a Thermography Test Services include:

  •  HT System – Cable Termination, Dual Pole Structure, CT, PT
  •  Transformer – Transformer Bushing, LT side cable termination, Fins, Conservator
  •  LT Panel Rooms – LT Panels, Capacitor Banks/terminations, Servos
  •  UPS, All LDBs, PDBs, Feeders, MCB DB, Terminations

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