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Consultivo conducts Environmental Health and Safety Audit or EHS Audit to identify the EHS risks in your unit/operations that may lead to a loss. We are a practicing EHS Audit Company in India and our EHS auditing process is conducted by industry veteran EHS auditors. They identify the areas of strength & weakness and provides a structured approach to continual improvement.

We have completed over 1,000 EHS audits and provided EHS compliance assistance around the world. Our projects range from compliance audits to international due diligence, comprehensive EHS auditing to large-scale reviews, and environmental assessment.

The purpose of an Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Audit program is to provide an objective assessment of the adequacy of the management of EHS risk at a site level.

Our quantified assessments are used by global organisations to benchmark their EHS management system against international best practices and country legal requirements.

What will you get – the audit outcome

During the audit, you get substantial non-tangible benefits like

  • Higher engagement of site-level EHS professionals in spreading the technical knowledge across the organisation
  • Improved EHS awareness level of the line function people

Upon completion of the audit process, a detailed report is prepared by the Consultivo auditors. The report content generally includes:

  •  Executive summary including graphical performance indicators & noteworthy efforts
  • Compliance status with EHS standards, statutory and regulatory requirements including Safety Compliance
  •  Overall summary of site EHS performance including strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Comprehensive and segmental quantified rating/scoring (applicable for protocol assessment)
  • Findings & recommendations for closing the gaps and improvement
  • Action plans
  • Photo gallery

Solutions - How Consultivo can help

Remote Support
On-Site Support
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Comprehensive EHS Audit

We offer a comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety – EHS Auditing service covering

  •  EHS Management Systems including policies, objectives, management programs, environment & safety organisation structure, responsibility & authorities
  • An extensive review of production, materials, processes, by-products, wastes, and the associated EHS management systems
  •  Risk management process – HIRA and Aspect-Impact Analysis
  •  Compliance checks and reviews including Consent to operate, licenses, permits, authorisations, periodic submissions to statutory bodies, legal compliance management, and extent of compliance
  •  Investigation of on-site and off-site waste disposal practices
  •  Measurement & monitoring of EHS parameters and performances
  •  On-site inspection and employee interviews, EHS competence
  •  Preparation of a comprehensive report by our experienced EHS auditors and management-friendly finding checklists

Consultivo is a practicing EHS Audit Company in India with a full range of EHS and Environmental Consultancy services backed up by decade long experience.


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