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Consultivo helps organisations to manage risks and implement loss prevention measures.

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As a leading Fire Protection Consulting and Consultancy firm, we help organisations to manage their Fire and Safety Risks. Our Fire Safety Consultants are having years of industry experience to provide you the best suited solutions.

Our solutions help you to meet legal obligations, ISO 45001 requirements, and industry best practices.

Get in touch to customise fire safety consultancy solution for your organisation.

Solutions in Fire and Life Safety

Worried About Your Fire Safety Risk? Think With Us!

Consultivo is one of the leading Fire Protection Consulting Firms in India. Get benefit out of our fire safety consultancy experiences!

Best suited to organisations of all types and sizes that require a detailed & objective evaluation of their fire safety system.


Comprehensive, scientific & holistic approach to assess the potential of an outbreak of fire and provide solutions for mitigation.


We develop scenario based plan for a particular highly hazardous process area or equipment with reference to site emergency response plan.


Helps to manage increasing fire & life safety risks in high rise buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, warehouses and educational institutes.


Acquire individual professional qualification or get your people trained on various methods of fire prevention and mitigation.


Fire Load Calculation

Fire load, or more accurately fire load density is the starting point for estimating the potential size and severity of a fire.

As a Fire Protection Consulting organisation, we help you with accurate estimation of fire load density to manage better design factors and response measures.

Mock Drill Review, Practice and Handholding

Master your Emergency Response Mock Drills!

Mock drills are one of the most important factors for emergency preparedness. It depends critically on human elements.

Our mock drill review programme includes the verification of the existing mock drill procedure, conducting a mock drill (tabletop exercises, live drill or both depending on the criticality) by our Fire Safety Consultants.

You will also get a list of recommendations for future improvements.

Fire Installation Review Programme (FIRM)

Many a time, the end users & facility owners do not have updated information about the adequacy of the installed fire protection system. Over the years, changes in infrastructure, occupancy, fire load and people affect the efficacy of the system.

Our unique Fire Installation Review Programme (FIRM) helps you to ensure:

  1. Compliance to the legal & other requirements, codes & standards like NBC
  2. Effective operation & maintenance and improved efficacy
  3. Confidence-building of management & other stakeholders

Dow Fire and Explosion Index

Fire and explosion hazards are extremely important in processing units. Dow’s Fire and Explosion Index (F&EI) is used to identify and investigate fire and explosion hazards.

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Are you fully prepared?

Fire Safety related risks pose the 3rd most significant threat to businesses in India.

The occurrence of the fire has the potential to cause severe damage to both life & property. Prevention, protection and firefighting in commercial & industrial locations are quite challenging. In addition, it has also become costlier than it needs to be.

As an Independent Fire Safety Consulting Firm, Consultivo helps you to make your loss prevention strategy ready.

Featured solution

Our unique combined audit allows organisations to gain the benefits of both Fire & Electrical Audit. It is designed to provide you with a structured route to improve. Available for hazardous industries, high rise & commercial buildings, warehouses & facilities across the world.


The Uniqueness of Consultivo as Fire Consultant

  1. Customised approach
  2. Proprietary protocol FireMap
  3. Industry-focused fire safety consulting methodology
  4. Competent and experienced fire consultants
  5. Cost-effective fire safety consulting solutions
  6. Implementation support

Consultivo Fire Protection Consultancy solutions are delivered by industry experienced fire safety consultants to empower your facility to identify, prevent and manage the building fire & life safety related risks more effectively.

Our solutions are based on national and international codes, standards like Indian National Building Code – NBC 2016, NFPA and applicable legal requirements.

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Fire and life safety consultants in India

Curiosity Zone – Fire and Life Safety

National Building Code of India or NBC, as it is popularly known, covers the detailed guidelines for construction, maintenance and fire safety of the building & structures.

NBC is published by Bureau of Indian Standards and it is recommendatory document. Guidelines were issued to the States to incorporate the recommendations of National Building Code into their local building bylaws making the recommendations of National Building Code of India as mandatory requirement.

This office has also issued advisories on 18th April, 2017 to all the State Governments to incorporate and implement the latest National Building Code of India 2016 Part – IV “Fire & Life Safety” in their building bye-laws.

Being a leading Fire Protection Consulting Firm, Consultivo provides complete compliance assessment, consulting and training solutions against latest National Building Code (NBC). Our Fire Safety Consultants are having 20 – 35 years of industrial experience with requisite qualifications.

Download your complimentary copy of Fire Safety Requirements in NBC 2016

You will receive a solution oriented detail report for any of our Fire Protection Consultancy services which may include the following elements:

  • As-Is situation against the requirements
  • Compliance status to the statutory requirements
  • Risks related to fire and life safety
  • Detailed recommendations and action planning
  • Picture gallery
  • Management dashboard

Consultivo Fire Safety Consultants can help

any organisation of any size and type within any sector requiring a detail understanding of their current fire safety management systems against country specific legal requirements, organisational risk profile and industry good practices.

Through our Fire Protection Consultancy services, companies can follow a structured route toward managing their fire safety related risks.

We work with 100+ Global Safety Codes and Standards

and developed a number of Standards and guidelines on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. Our extensive and decade long Fire Safety Consultancy experience helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.


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