ICC-Consultivo CSR Compendium Aug 2021

CSR Compendium 2021

This compendium brings together 16 representative CSR projects and initiatives taken by companies and
civil society organisations (CSO) in India. The case studies presented in the compendium are aimed to
create awareness of the successful implementation of CSR practices.

CII Consultivo OHS Preparedness Report August 2021

OHS Preparedness in the Eastern Region

Several case studies show that good OSH management in a business is linked to improved performance and profitability. A safety-oriented workplace reduces accidents and ill health of the employees, thereby increasing their productivity and efficiency. It enhances motivation, cooperation, and morale in the workforce and minimises unplanned costs incurred on account of the health issues inflicted upon the employees.

consultivo bbs india

Behavioural Safety BBS Overview

This presentation on Behavioural Safety/behaviour based safety gives an insight into the causes of accidents due to which behaviour based safety becomes necessary, the study of human behaviour, various factors influencing human behaviour, ABC analysis, BBS awareness, techniques to modify human behaviour, etc.

Consultivo electrical safety handbook published at CII

Handbook – Electrical Safety

This handbook has been prepared by Consultivo as part of the awareness program on electrical safety and can be used by competent professionals in any industry. The attached checklist may be customised further for specific industry and organisation.

Behaviour based safety in Mines

BBS in Mines

This knowledge report highlights the importance of safety in mines and the role of BBS in ensuring a strong safety culture and safe working environment across mines.

Corporate Social Responsibilities in India

CSR Initiatives & SDG Agendas Report

This Knowledge Report highlights the social issues being addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the world, including social issues taken up by different organizations, and the implementation and work of the SDGs.

Design Thinking Process and Change Management Knowledge Report

Design Thinking Enabling Change Management

This knowledge paper on ‘Design Thinking Enabling Change Management’ brings light on the process of design thinking and its
application in change management. The pitch of this paper is understanding the users & target group – their psychology, behaviour,
aspirations, challenges, beliefs and values.

Concrete & Cement Industry and Sustainability Knowledge Report

Binding Growth Sustainably – Cement

This Knowledge Report will provide a holistic landscape for sustainability in the cement sector, emphasizing sustainable development through technological innovations and the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).