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Management of Contract Labour | Training: ICC & Consultivo Academy

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The training programme designed for the participants to understand the fundamental aspects of Management of Contract Labour – the compliance to relevant Indian legal requirements and the tools & techniques.

Management of Contract Labour Training

A workshop for Enhanced Compliance & Productivity of contract labour was organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the training was conducted by Consultivo Academy on 29 June 2018.

Consultivo Academy designed the training programme on Contract Labour with the objective to enable the participants in understanding the fundamental aspects of Management of Contract Labour – the compliance to relevant Indian legal compliance for hr and the tools & techniques to improve productivity.

The training started with an ice-breaker ‘Introduce your neighbour’ to make the participants comfortable and know each other. Our trainers from Consultivo Academy conducted the session in an interactive way focussing on the existing challenges of management of contract labour through various case studies & discussions.

The participants got to learn & understand the practical aspects of rules & regulations applicable for contract labour management and the important legal issues while managing contract labour. Few of the topics like The Contract labour Act, The Indian Contract Act, The Factories Act, The Minimum Wages Act, The Payment of Wages Act, The Employees’ Compensation Act, The Maternity Benefits Act and the relevant ILO Guidelines were discussed. Thereafter, an engaging session on how to motivate and enhance the productivity of the contractual workforce was also presented by one of our lead trainers.

The major highlights of the training programme were the group activities & practical exercises along with a quiz session for the recapitulation of the learnings of the participants. 

All the participants participated with keen interest & enthusiasm making it very lively & filled with positive energy.

Management of Contract Labour Training Course

Towards the end, our trainers also addressed the participants’ queries and shared some knowledgeable insights from their industry experience for the benefit of the participants.

The Contract labour management training programme was attended by industry professionals from eminent industries like Emami Agrotech Ltd, Berger Paints India Ltd, Hindalco Industries Ltd, Balmer Lawrie, Swissotel, AMRI Hospitals, Bengal Beverages, Paharpur Cooling Towers & others.

The training programme was well appreciated by the participants as they felt that it was quite knowledgeable as well as engaging with activities involved for their better understanding & learning.

About Consultivo:

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About ICC

The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), a prominent entity in Eastern and North-Eastern India, stands as the premier body representing business and industry. ICC played a crucial role in the Indian Freedom Movement, becoming the first organised voice of indigenous Indian Industry.

As one of the most proactive Chambers in India, it continues to evolve under the guidance of senior industry leaders, responding dynamically to global changes and shaping a visionary future. 

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