BRSR FAQs Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting


FAQ | BRSR Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  7 MINS READ All you wanted to know about BRSR     In India, the top 1,000 listed companies are required to furnish a Business Responsibility Report (BRR) to the stock exchanges as a part of their annual reports. The BRR comprises the initiatives…

Water Resource Sustainability Management Consulting

Blog – Water Resource Management

Leading the battle for sustainable water management: Actions for industries CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  4 MINS READ Water Crisis seek solution from decision makers which is eventually catered by a group of professionals, these experts provide external assurance or scientific knowledge support towards sustainable water management.   W  hile securing water, every sector stands in confrontation…

Blog on business insights - Statistics, Data Science and Machine Learning

Business insights through Statistics, Data Science & Machine Learning

Statistics, data science and machine learning: The three friends working together to find business insights CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  8 MINS READ Business insights help leaders, managers and decision-makers to make better decisions for organisations across the industry. Find out how statistics, data science and machine learning help us to get data insights for business.  …

High rise building fire safetyFire risk management

Building Fire Safety Risks: 5 steps

Building Fire Safety Risks: 5 steps from Negligence to Management CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  4 MINS READ The nature of Building Fire Safety risks is changing across the world. It’s getting unexpected and their effects are becoming more profound. Risks need to be taken more seriously. Here is how to do it.   B  uilding Fire…


In the world of I, Me, Myself: Let’s appreciate more

In the world of I, Me, Myself – Let’s appreciate more Apart from migration or immigration, the world is now having a global exposure. People are no longer bound to opportunities due to location. In fact, with the coming days, such swap is inevitable. CONSULTIVO BLOG L  ast week’s vacation to Darjeeling made me come…

stakeholder Map

Stakeholder mapping and engagement blog

Stakeholder mapping and engagement: a game changer in sustainability The purpose of the stakeholder mapping and engagement is to ensure sustainability of the organisation. A structural overview of an organisation would present a web with numerous linkages & chain with the various stakeholders. CONSULTIVO BLOG S  takeholder Map and subsequent Engagement – the purpose is…


Prioritizing digital learning in the face of new normal

E-Learning Courses : Prioritizing digital learning in the face of new normal E-learning courses have gained popularity where businesses can train employees and at the same time save the money required to hire a professional instructor. Learning is a necessity and e-learning courses help to keep it cost-efficient for the corporation, and reduce the risk.…

safe diwali tips

Safe Diwali

Safe Diwali: Celebrating Responsibly CONSULTIVO BLOG  |  4 MINS READ When Diwali is just around the corner, the festive spirit resonates and ushers in the joy of celebration, life & togetherness. The dark moonless sky dazzles with fireworks & becomes a myriad display of glittering hues.   D  iwali is a time for rejoicing and…