Training programme on Safe Operation of EOT Cranes by ConSkills – Skill Training: Consultivo

It is an engaging training session that helped the participants to identify the gaps in their operating system and implement the necessary control measures & use of appropriate equipment.

Some glimpses from the training programme on EOT Crane Safety Training

A two-day in-house crane safety training programme on Safe Operation of EOT Cranes was conducted by ConSkills – a skill training hub from Consultivo at a flagship Indian metal industry on 6-7 September 2018. This training was specially designed & customised for the target participants from the operators & shop floor crew level. The objective of this programme was to enable the participants in understanding the safe operations of EOT cranes (both mobile & cabin operated).

The programme started with an ice-breaking session to make the participants comfortable and confident. Himadri Chatterjee, Trainer (Senior Consultant, Consultivo) discussed the fundamentals of EOT crane operation & maintenance. Few of the topics discussed include the causes of crane accidents, requisites for maintenance of crane operation, legal requirements, checkpoints for EOT crane inspection, safe signaling practices, safe rigging and signaling, study of certificates of crane testing and others.

Our trainer presented an engaging training session and various case studies from industry were discussed. It helped the participants to identify the gaps in their operating system and implement the necessary control measures & use of appropriate equipment for their organisation’s safe crane operations.


This training programme was conducted in four batches and at the end of the training session, a post assessment test was conducted for the better understanding & recapitulation of the participants’ learnings.


With an increase in reported injuries & deaths at workplaces, safety has become a major area of concern. This training on Safe Operation of EOT Cranes would surely be helpful to create safety awareness & knowledge among the participants.

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